Here Today


by Hoku Krueger

The sad thing about Happiness,
Is that it always goes away;
An all too welcomed guest,
That never wants to stay.

When I was somewhat younger,
It all seemed back and white.
You could work hard to achieve it,
And it came when the time was right.

And when it came it felt,
Like sand beneath my feet;
A contentedness that seemed,
Typical and neat.

And when it went away,
I wasn’t sad at all;
The way I felt when seasons changed,
From summer into fall.

But then a strange thing happened,
And it was then I knew,
That I was never happy ‘til
I fell in love with you.

Then happiness became,
A carousel of lights,
A parade of violins,
An endless starry night.

Every sound was choral,
And every taste was sweet,
And everything was everything,
But typical and neat.

And then I thought that maybe,
I would never cry again,
And never did I think,
That Happiness would end.

But then beloved Happiness,
Packed up its bags and went.
So suddenly it bailed,
That it didn’t pay the rent.

And then when precious summer,
Mutated into fall,
I cried waking up from dreams,
After not sleeping at all.

Old Happiness comes to visit,
Every once in a while.
Guilty, it pays out generously,
In laughing fits and smiles.

But these days when I’m happy,
I’m equally afraid;
Anticipating all the while,
When it will go away.

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