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My Being Is but a Wrinkle Adrift

My being is but a wrinkle adrift
Immersed and steady pacing with the flow of the drifting blue.
Constrained yet cordial in dependence with its surrounding pulls.
A simple yet vital chapter
To the ocean’s elude of muddle

My mind is a breaking wave.
Created from the deepest values of my spirit.
Thriving by each newborn tumble of intellect
It peaks, full of potential
Transforming ambition to attainment.

Emotion is yet a mere grain of sand.
Building and regressing in syncrasy
With each choppy toss from trough to trough.
Each seemingly insignificant grain of sand holding sound Intel
Which acts as my tangible source of human morality.

My physical being, none but a wrinkle amongst an excessive mass of blue.
My mind, a breaking wave transforming my aspirations to success.
Emotion being a mere image of significance through the image of one tiny grain.
I am the ocean.
And the ocean’s complete essence of being
contributing to the steady flow of my nature.

Writing Philosophy:

Writing allows meta-cognition,  patience and a beginning to an intimate relationship between my mind and soul.


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