Kelsey’s Writing

My Favorite Place

The tip of the Eiffel Tower is my favorite place to be.


Here I can see specs of people like grains of sand on a deserted beach,

the cloudless sky as sure as the dark stroke of a painters brush,

and minuscule cars like a family of ants marching home.


I can hear the blaring of car horns below,

the tiniest of winds singing in my ears,

and the light trickle of water above me.


I can feel the silky drip of water on my warm cheeks,

the whip of wind through my hair,

and the cold of brass beneath my knees.


While I sit and ponder what the future beholds. 

I can see,

I can hear,

I can feel 

in my favorite place,

the tip of the Eiffel Tower.


Meditiation on a Shell

As I stare into the glossy interior of my shell the edges begin to blur and the shapes begin to change. My shell has now become a child’s bowl, holding messy foods and memories. The edges swirl again and my shell is now a glorious clock hanging lonely on the wall of my life slowly ticking, moment pass and the clock swirls and transforms. My shell is now a hiding place, a place for one to hide form failure, the world, and ones self. The darkness swirls and once again my shell is shifting. It becomes a necklace hanging on the neck of a daughters daughter. Years of use flicker in the necklace like a heartbeat. As the memories begin to lose their glow the necklace melts. My shell is changing again. Its now an incense holder, emitting wisps of sweet smelling smoke, calming smoke. The smoke blurs my vision and my shell changes its shape once more. It is now w whirlpool pulling everything and anything into its dark abyss. I can feel the winds bursting against my skin. My vision is blocked my waves of water. The waves cease and my shell is back. But it is not just a shell anymore, it is a journey.



 Each movement has a different meaning, a different soul. When I dance the world around me shuts itself into the tiny box beneath my chest, it is hidden in the darkest corner of my heart. Nutt fully gone, but hidden. My ears go numb and silent, it is as if I am deaf. As I begin to move I no longer see the mirror in which to correct myself or see the other around me. My eyes fall blank. From the outside they urn with intensity, but I see nothing. All I can do is feel, feel the emotions burning like a thousand suns under my skin. Each breath I take is treasured and held tightly in my lungs. With each motion of my body I can feel my mind slipping further and further into the treacherous waters of vulnerability. With each step I take my heart flutters fast like a young humming bird taking flight. The music begins to count down the world that I have traveled to through dancing begins to slip away. Colors dim and sound begin to return to my ears. My eyes focus back on the reality from whence I am. My heart slows to a thumping rhythm and my body ceases to move. The passion that once popped beneath my now dampened skin now is hidden. The emotions that once ran like a ragging river is now just a trickling stream waiting to be mighty once again. Each sense becoming sharper and more acute as time passes. I wait to dance again.

How to Fall in Love

Everyone knows the scene, the first initial meeting of lovers. It‘s usually seen in a romantic comedy. Sometimes it’s the nerdy boy staring longingly at the popular girl or the mundane co-worker secretly in love with the “Casanova” of the office. Have you ever wondered how they just happen to fall in love? How it was possible that that “hottie” could go for that “not-so-hottie” It’s not as easy as it may seem it takes time and perseverance.


Step 1: Put on your brightest, biggest and most b-e-a-u-tiful smile.

*Make sure your teeth are brushed and flossed before unveiling your star like smile.


Step 2: Walk in any mall, street, or building looking every single person you pass directly in the eyes.

*Due to recent findings made by the infamous New Moon “Werewolves”, DO NOT EXCLUDE ANYONE, age is not a factor.


Step 3: When you have made eye-contact with someone wait 2 seconds. Within these 2 seconds said person will begin to move in slow motion. Their skin will begin to glow like a dwindling fire. These are the fist two indicators of a “soul mate.”


Step 4: Almost instaneously, a random gust of wind will twirl said “soul mates” in various directions.




Step 6: In slow motion, glide towards said “soul mate” as if you are on a conveyer belt.


Step 7: Skip slowly into the fading sun with your new “soul mate”


Now that you are fully informed with how to find and keep your soul mate, go out there and make it happen. Remember, this could happen anywhere at anytime with anyone so be prepared for a surprise. It most likely will be the person you least expect.


Fire Starter


 Harsh ropes dig at their calloused hands,


grind their bare feet.


Waiting to drag helplessness into its abyss.


Faint cries of the men above them,

call for them,

beckon them.


One voice heard above the rest,

It was her voice.

Single wind chime, lost among the raging sea.

Came from below, not above.


She uttered two solemn words, “Almost there.”

Two words

Push him faster than any other


His fire starter.


Unspoken Love


For an endless moment in time

Our eyes interlocking

Staring into a deeper soul

Tears pouring together as one


Our eyes interlocking

Our hearts intertwining

Tears pouring together as one

Meeting in the middle


Out hearts intertwining

Locked together forever

Meeting in the middle

Now beating together as one


Locked together forever

In each others arms

Now beating together forever

Finding new hope, new faith, new love


In each others arms

Lying silently still

Finding new hope, new faith, new love

Now not two, but one


Lying silently still

Staring into a deeper soul

Now not two, but one

For an endless moment in time

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