Sheridan’s Writing

The Poem I Wrote

This is the poem I didn’t write
Throughout this semester in this course
Because I did not see any light
Nor did I have any force

They all say I have potential
To be great if I apply myself
But why learn about exponentials
It makes me want to run into a shelf

So there you have it, I guess I’m lazy
But, hey, it’s almost summer
There will be no clouds for it to be hazy
I’ll chill on the beach, it won’t be a bummer

I’ll spend all my money on some Slurpies
Getting tanned all day, and there’s never any worries

A Limerick

There once was a grumpy old man
Who found himself wanting a pan
So he hopped all around
Went down to town
And found him a grumpy old gran’

This Is a Poem That Hops

This is a poem that hops
In a wonderful place
That bounces
Because it can
Because that’s life
And when sadness comes along
And tears you down
This is the poem that lifts you up
In a wonderful place
Where nothing bad happens

The Ride

It was a hot day as usual in Kahana, when I read the sign tic tacked on the wooden post for an excellent speaker at the studio this evening. I thought to myself that I really would not mind going to watch this speaker. However, there was a problem. This speaker was all the way on the other side of the island in Haiku and another problem; I have no car, and no friends willing to join me in this amazing journey. So, I thought to myself yet again, there is only one way to solve this array of problems. Craigslist! I shall put an add on Craigslist to see if there is anyone going to Haiku tonight. I would offer them gas money and good conversation because well, I am a character! So it was settled, I put my magnificent ad onto Craigslist and then waited, and then I waited some more and guess what I did after that? Yupp you’re right, I did some more waiting…and eventually I realized no one was going to give me a ride to Haiku, so I sulked to myself for about an hour about my life and then I went on my merry way to bed!

Today Was a Good Day

It was a good day
Sunshine filled the air
The sea salt lightly covered everything
And the sky was a soft blue

Sunshine filled the air
Birds were chirping
And the sky was a soft blue
The children were singing

Birds were chirping
The beach was glittering
The children were singing
And the sand was smooth

The beach was glittering
The moon was a creamy white
And the sand was smooth
The sound was soothing and peaceful

The moon was a creamy white
The sea salt lightly covered everything
The sound was soothing and peaceful
It was a good day


“Do you need some help son?” the 93-year-old college librarian said softly to the young boy who had staggered in looking lost.

He had on khakis that looked as if they had not been washed once, along with a jacket two sizes two big. He had dirt on his face and looked tired and distressed.

“What time do you close?” the young boy asked in an exasperated voice.

“In about an hour. You waiting for your mom?”

“Not exactly,” he said, turning away from her. The woman got the message and went back to her work.

The boy simply felt like giving up, he had been looking for his mother for three days straight with empty pockets. He was on the verge of tears as he sat down on the library chair and let his body un-tense.

“You gotta have faith, you know,” he heard the old woman say. “Whatever you’re searching for, you’ll find it if you just have faith. Like that fire going on right now, I know that it’s not good at the moment, but I have faith it will get better, and the forest will recuperate. Just like you, do not give up, it will all work out,” and with that said the woman was gone, and the young boy was re-filled with the drive to keep searching for his mother. He got off the seat, walked out into the streets, and began his journey.

“All I need is a little faith,” he thought to himself.

Life is

Life isn’t about how much money’s in your account
Nor is it about the new iPhone you have
Life isn’t about what you do on Friday nights
It’s not about the popularity

Life isn’t about your 900 friends on Facebook,
Or about how many likes you get on your status
Life isn’t about having the pimped out new Toyota
It’s not about how you arrive

Life isn’t about having the hottest boyfriend
Or how many guys are texting you
Life isn’t about having pity on yourself
It’s not about self-loathing

Life isn’t about living inside the box
It’s not about doing what is expected
Life is however, about finding yourself
It’s about doing what you love

Life is about exploring
It’s about pushing limits
Life is about creating yourself,
And it’s about loving what you create

The First Thing I Hope to Change

The first thing I hope to change in twenty years is my appearance. Now, at the age of sixteen, I have a plain body with no mutilations. I also have a boring hair color and what-not like Plain Jane. But in twenty years, I will have as many tattoos as I want without my mom complaining. My hair will be whatever color I feel like, it can change as fast as a lava lamp if I want. My eyes will be able to change from brown to blue to purple (with the help of contacts, of course). In twenty years, I will be free of guidelines on what I can and cannot do; my appearance will be whatever I want it to be without having to hear complaints, and asking for permission!

It’s Dark Out There

“It’s dark out there” I whispered to myself as I glanced out the window of my room into the openness of the mountain. The dark always scared me; bad things happen in the dark. When the sun goes down, so do all the good things in life. I just grew up thinking that dark is bad, and light is good; dark is scary, and light is comforting, but as I look out my window, I realize that I need to find that out myself. I was feeling daring, so I let myself out of my house and wandered into the open space. Slowly the light from my house faded, and I could feel myself tensing up. I looked behind me as I kept going from the safety of the light and reminded my legs to keep moving forward. Soon enough I am enveloped in the darkness with no one but myself, I climb to the top of a hill and sit upon it as the wind rustles through my hair. The wind is warm, it feels nice, comforting, a feeling I’d never expect to have in the darkness. I lie down upon the dry earth and stare up at the wondrous sky. The moon is not full, but the stars are sparkling as if they were trying to talk to me. And as I lie there I realize that the darkness is a place of serenity, a place of peace, a place that can be my escape, and not my fear.

I’m Learning

I’m learning to live
And I’m learning to love
And I’m learning to stop throwing fits
Not get mad when I feel like it
And I’m learning not to be stubborn
And I’m learning not to have attitude
And I’m learning (though it sometimes really hurts me)
Not to roll my eyes at my parents when we argued
And I’m learning to smile
When I’m having a bad day
And I’m learning that it’s much
Much easier to be happy and stay

Our Song

Our song is how we lie under the stars
It’s our fingers interlocked
Our song is your deep eyes
The purest of pure

Our song is spontaneous, mysterious
How you stare at me so close
Our song is your warmth,
The warmth I get from none other than you

Our song is just that; it’s ours

Making Lemonade

Making lemonade is not as simple as it is made out to be. First off the ingredients are much more intricate; one needs many an array of lemons, all shapes and sizes.

Then comes the sugar, because lemonade is not just straight sour. There may be times when it is all for the sour or the bad but sometimes, the sweetness is for the better, to take the sour away from its sour companions. The sweet balances it out, to create a very happy medium.

Water is essential also. The base is needed to keep sane when all the other components are going crazy mixing together and changing into what they will be forever. When one component changes, the others are affected.
Most only realize the bad part of the entire situation at first, but as time goes on and the reactions take place, the good defies the bad and shines through.

Eventually all components move on and realize everything changed for the well-being of it all. In the end, the sweet outshines the sour despite how bad the sting of it hurts, it all clashes together and works out exactly like how it was supposed to work out in the first place.

How to Tie Your Shoes!

There are some things you may need before we embark on this wondrous journey.
Some of which are, a shoe, some laces, a steady hand, and a clear mind.

The best time to tie your shoes is in the morning. The best time to tie your shoes is in the afternoon. The best time to tie your shoes is in the middle of class even. The best time to tie your shoes is quite frankly anytime.

The first thing you want to do is grab the right lace in your right hand. Using your left pointer finger, make a loop. This loop is a bunny ear, a bunny ear from another world with fairies and gnomes and all sorts of fun things. Once you have your right bunny ear, you want to take the left lace in your left hand wrap it around. Now grab the bunny ear in your left hand and with your right hand grab the left lace through the hole and pull each side equally tight.

If done right, wah-lah, you have two bunny ears, and you are ready to take a walk with your nicely tied up kicks!

Little Red

“Little Red’s coming,” my dad would say to me.

“Daddy!” I would yell at him while he laughed.

Clock click clock as he knocked on the wall. “She’s coming!” he would continue to say as I continued to yell at him while he chuckled.

My dad would always do this to me; it was a game we both frolicked with to pass the time. Little Red was gross and scary in my 5-year-old mind, and I wanted to be the complete opposite, which was undoubtedly a princess.

I always had the most sparkly shoes any 5 year old should be wearing. I loved pretty pink dresses. I felt like everywhere I went the pinkest dress out there would call my name and sway me in its direction. Disney was my friend, and all I wanted was to grow up in a fairytale land just like all those princesses.

However, it wasn’t long until I realized it was all just a great idea. Reality took over, and that dream gave way to the life I live now, just a princess in my own mind!

Sunshine Is Fine

I can feel the soft, ashy-white, sand crumble between my toes as I stroll down to find the perfect spot to lie. I can smell the saltiness of the ocean just as I lay my belongings on top of my towel on the unspoiled sand. With no wind and no breeze, it is the absolute best day to come and enjoy the island.

I lay down onto the grandest towel I could find around the house, and I can feel the stress, the worry, the anger, all my emotions melting off me like ice cream in hot weather. The brilliant sun envelops me, wrapping me up in its glorious rays. Silence, I hear nothing in my mind but the splish-splashes of the translucent teal-blue water. It is truly wondrous to ponder nothing.

The ocean calls my name, and instinctively I get up from my relaxed spot on this perfect beach to swim away from my hectic life. Like glass, the ocean is flat and see through. I can see all the way to the bottom. I can see the reef prospering with sea creatures, living a life of their own. The salty cold water feels like relief, it changes my mood almost instantaneously as I dive into it with no hesitance.

I walk back up to my domain and lie on my towel once again, absorbing all that I can, knowing I’ll have to leave soon. I gather up my things and slowly make my way through the beautiful sand. I’ll be back soon enough I think to myself as the stress of my life floods back. But this, this is my escape.


As I gaze into the dirty ridges of the shell
First they are the deep blue waves as they rush to shore
And then they are like cracks as big as the Grand Canyon
And then they are like snowy mountain caps, pure
And then it becomes the sky filled with stars on a dark night
And now it is the moon, big and bright
And now it is a castle, filled with hidden journeys
And now I am a dreamer

Random Dictionary

1. Trampoline (n): 1) a big object where one bounces on for fun. 2) a place to go tanning if the beach is not an option. Used in a sentence: “I got black from lying on my trampoline all day.”

2. School (n): 1) a boring, horrible place that is required. 2) a place where you have to learn things that are insignificant. Synonym: Jail. Used in a sentence: “Aww man, we got school tomorrow? I’m gonna jump off a cliff.”

3. Car (n): 1) a mode of transportation that costs a lot of money for gas. 2) something parents can hold against you for not listening. See: Truck.

4. Cell Phone (n): 1) a little machine on which people can reach you. 2) easily lost when the ringer is turned on silent. Used in a sentence: “Hit up my cell phone tonight!”

5. Rubber band (n): 1) a stretchy band of material. 2) used to tie up hair when it is extremely irritating. Used in a sentence: “Do you have a rubber band? My hair is not calm today!”

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