About Mehana

Painting with Watercolors

While painting with watercolors,
There is no guarantee what the outcome will be.
My hand is guided by my imagination,
My imagination is guided by myself.
Sometimes the colors will mix,
But I don’t worry because it’s more beautiful when not fixed.
It’s always changing, always true, and always a surprise.
Watercolors have no limits and can run outside of the lines.
Picture life with no limitations,
None here; the only ruler is my imagination.
Colors blend unexpectedly creating something new.
Sometimes intentional, sometimes something I didn’t want to do.
It takes me wherever I want to be,
the unique colors expressing no one but me.
Every piece is different and never can be duplicated.
I guess that’s the beauty of watercolors and maybe why people hate it.
But I chose to continue and let the brush take control.

Writing Philosophy

Writing lets the confinements of my mind flow freely as my imagination escapes through the words that are written down in black and white.



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