Our Canterbury Tales Instagramme Page – Instructions

Spend a weekend walking in the soft leather shoes of one of the pilgrims in The Canterbury Tales.

Over the weekend, “Instagram” ten pictures of your experiences. You can send any ten photos you want, but one must be a selfie. Let’s Twitter-ize it and limit the characters in your message to 140.

I have samples for you to see what I’m looking for.

(Scroll down, and the form for submission is at the bottom of this page.)

Upload your photo by clicking on the “upload file” button.

In the space marked “Post Title,” type your character name (every time), followed by a colon and one or two words about what it is. My example says: Prioress: My Doggie.

In the “Post Body” space, type your 140-word or less caption.

PLEASE: Respond to at least two other people’s postings. DO NOT use the “leave a reply” function on THIS page.

  • Go to the post page (Our Canterbury Tales Instagram Page — Products).
  • Click on the tiny gray words “leave comment” under the post you want to reply to.
  • In the name space, put your character name, not your real name.
  • Use your ksbe email address.
  • Respond as your character would, not as yourself.

Here are more do’s and don’ts.


  • Take pictures of stuff that would interest your character.
  • Type “captions” in the style of your character.
  • include at least one hash tag per photo
  • include one selfie — only
  • try to dress like your character for your selfie, especially in the head and neck areas


  • be inappropriate…that’s all

Special note: There will be a delay before your post shows up, and it does not show up on this page. It will show up here: click here to be taken to the products page.

For anyone who needs a guide or a reminder, here is what you signed up for:

  1. Yeoman: John
  2. Cook: Kaylee
  3. Miller: Nainoa
  4. Prioress: Jadelyn
  5. Doctor: Collin
  6. Knight: Ani
  7. Wife of Bath: Jaime
  8. Cleric: Kela

All posts should be in by the time we meet for our next class.

Here is the form for submitting. Go for it, and have fun!


Upload your pics here and tell about each one.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.


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