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My Favorite Place – His House

His house is my favorite place to be.  Here I can see photographs like a portal to his past, a Japanese fan as big as Mt. Fuji itself, and a guitar as red as a crimson fire. I can hear the sizzling sounds of dinner being made, the distant chattering of the television, and the melodic sound of his guitar.  I can feel the warmth of his hand in mine while I sit on the big comfy couch.  I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place, his house.

Meditation on a Shell

 As I gaze at the brown crusted shell
First it is like a mountain, strong and majestic
And then it is like a small hershy’s kiss with a bite taken out of it
And then I look at the hollow opening and it is like a cave filled with darkness
And then it becomes an ice cream cone, fragile to the touch
And now it is a house that is old and dusty
And now it is a jewel, gleaming with beauty
And now I am once again looking at a brown crusted shell


Every morning I wake up to go to school.  I step outside and I feel the cool crisp air on my face.  Every morning I take that first step out of my car and into the halls of learning, not knowing what is in store for me.  I learn something new every day.  At the end of each day my brain shuts down, unwilling to absorb any more knowledge.  I take all that I’ve learned and I lock it away, placing it in the back of my mind.

Then once again when morning comes I feel refreshed; my brain awake and alert. It is ready to become an absorbent sponge, taking in anything and everything.  Each new day brings me knowledge. 


I remember one of the best days of my young childhood life.  It was a day unlike any other.  It was the day I had waited all year for.  I walked back and forth in my excitement, hardly able to control myself.  I was so excited I was practically bouncing.  This is the only time I remember being so excited when I was a child.  I remember waiting at home, being anxious in the car, and jumping out of the car when we arrived at the county fair.  It only happened once a year and it finally arrived.  The excitement all started at home, when my mom said, “Get ready, we’re going to the fair.”

Being stuck at home was torture.  My mom takes hours to get ready and the anticipation growing in my stomach was too much to bear.  My heart was racing and the anticipation was rising to new heights.  I could hear the ticking of the clock as I sat in the living room, anxiously waiting for my mom. Tick, tock, tick, tock.  Each minute that passed by was another minute wasted, I thought, I could be at the fair already.  I sat there, clawing my fingers into the poor innocent couch.  “Mom, are you ready NOW??” I hollered.  I decided to amuse myself by watching TV.  Before I knew it my mom was ready, “Grab your things and go to the car.” she said.  She didn’t have to tell me twice! I rushed to the door, grabbed my going-out jacket, and ran to the car.

That was the l o n g e s t car ride of my life! I was so restless in my seat; I just wanted my mom to speed down the highway.  To me the car was moving as slow as a slug.  If I didn’t have my seatbelt on I probably would have stuck my head out the window so I could see the fair lights as we got closer to the long awaited destination.  I watched the outside world move in one big blur as the car rushed down the highway.  Then I saw it. The bright flashing lights of the Ferris wheel and the insanely long lane of cars.  I finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to start having some fun.

Looking for a parking space was like trying to find buried treasure, there were cars everywhere!  I kept my eyes peeled for any available spaces, “I FOUND ONE, RIGHT THERE MOM, LOOK!” I yelled as she turned the car into the parking space.  She hadn’t even turned off the engine and I was already getting out of the car. At the ticket booth, my mom had to hold me by the back of my shirt, like a dog on a leash, so I wouldn’t run away.  As we walked through the gates I was ready for action.  The bright lights, the childish games, delicious food, and hectic screaming, this was a child’s dream.  My child eyes widened and my steady walk next to my mom turned into an eager run.  I ran straight for the cotton candy stand, it was my favorite.  I could smell the sweet candy like aroma from back at the ticket booth.  I imagined the sweet succulent sugary taste and my mouth began to water. My mom bought me the blue one and gave it to me.  I snatched the bag out of her hands and began devouring the sugary cloud. My fingers were blue and sticky. It tasted like sweet cavities as the sugar cloud slowly melted in my mouth.  I rode many rides and on all the fast exciting ones WOOSH!! I could feel the wind embracing my face.  My stomach turned inside out and I loved every second of it.  Eventually my hyperactive attitude and enthusiasm dwindled, I grew tired and we went home.

Excitement pulsed through my body that day and I’ll never forget it.  Being stuck at home and in the car was worth it when I stepped through those dusty gates of the fair grounds. It was truly a day unlike any other.

How to Meet a Dragon

Many people live their entire lives without meeting a dragon.  This is probably because they do not know the proper technique on how to meet one. Luckily for you this is the perfect guide on how to meet a dragon.  For those of you with weak stomachs, a fear of heights, or an irrational fear of leprechauns or dragons, stop reading and place this guide back where you found it.  For those of you who seek adventure and are as fearless as a lion, continue reading and follow these directions precisely: 

Step 1: Catch the foulest words from the lips of the foulest person, making sure that they burn like wildfire and flow like molten lava inside a fine crystal jar. Let them sit until they ferment into a toxic pulp.
Step 2: Drip three baby’s tears across the reddest rose coated with sweet morning’s dew. Add the kiss of a frog and stir inside a thimble while the clouds cry.
Step 3: Ask a leprechaun for the location of honeyed four-leaf clovers which lie in strawberry fields under the amber sunset. Gather thirteen leaves and thirteen stems warm them with black candlelight.

Step 4: Mix the materials together and beat them with Orion’s belt until all that remains is a thick mash. Sprinkle this across the heavens, using a special-outer-space-hot-air-balloon-shuttle, making sure to avoid comets and other celestial obstacles.

Step 5: Plant an oak tree where the sky touches the earth. Fertilize it with the sting of a hornet, for this will speed its growth. When it has grown, touch the stars and pull yourself into the sky.
Only then will the Dragon show himself.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to meet a dragon.  However, chances are that if you followed these directions and have in fact met a dragon, you are probably dead.  If you are not dead, please recommend this guide to your friends so that they too can experience the thrill of meeting a dragon.


Walking across the desert, cruel and unforgiving,

No shade, no water, no hope,

I see a plant only slightly wilted,

Protruding from the crevices of the barren earth.

I admire this plant; against all odds it is alive,

Surviving on nothing but its will to live.

I am this plant; life is cruel and unforgiving,

Yet here I stand, against all odds, I too am alive.

Children Play on Grassy Fields

Children play on grassy fields
With sunshine kissing their cheeks
For them it seems time yields
Splashing cold water in creeks

With sunshine kissing their cheeks
Laughing cheerily as they play
Splashing cold water in creeks
Staying away from their parents all day

Laughing cheerily as they play
Eating berries as sweet as joy
Staying away from their parents all day
Looking for a brand new toy

Eating berries as sweet as joy
Grass is a fragrant perfume
Looking for a brand new toy
Pretending there is impending doom

Grass is a fragrant perfume
Deeply immersed in their mind
Pretending there is impending doom
Trying to save their precious kind

Deeply immersed in their mind
For them it seems time yields
Trying to save their precious kind

To the Class of 2010

 Soon all of you will be begin your journey in life. It’s time to put on your big-kid-pants and take charge of your life.  You’ll be going to college, studying, staying up late, and even partying.  Through your journey you should always remember to seize each moment, each hour, and each day.  Make memories that will last a life time because every moment ignored is one that slips away. Seize every chance you get, don’t be afraid to fail, no one knows the future.  Make sure to seize love and passion, let desire hold you in its arms.  Seniors it’s time for you to seize life, take it and bend it to your will; you aren’t really living if you’re simply standing still.  So remember to seize the days, weeks, months, and years of your life, if you seize them and believe it you can never be denied.  So to the class of 2010, carpe diem.


There once was a man from Spain

All the while he hoped for rain

So he ran out of town

And rain he had found

That watery man from Spain


I once met a girl from Japan

Every day she played with her fan

But whenever she did

The girl flipped her lid

That strange crazy girl from Japan

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