Summer, close and near

Soaking up the sun with friends

Is what I dream of

She Is

She is the shiny ornament on a Christmas tree

She is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie

She is the gnat that can sometimes annoy

She is Pier 39 in San Francisco

She is the laughter on roller coasters

She is vegetables in her garden

She is a piano that sits quietly

She is diamond ring admired by many

She is the tea kettle on the stove

She is my mom

Broken Like Glass

 An abandoned heart, broken like glass

Caught in the moment, thinking of the past

Memories frozen in time

Nowhere to go, so you might as well climb


Caught in the moment thinking of the past

Trying to heal with an imaginary cast

Nowhere to go, so you might as well climb

From the rock bottom pit, it’ll take some time


Trying to heal with an imaginary cast

Always feeling like you placed last

From the rock bottom pit, it’ll take some time

Dropping a love like that should be a crime


Always feeling like you placed last

Maybe it’s because we rushed, maybe moved too fast

Dropping a love like that should be a crime

Especially when it felt like it was at its prime


Maybe it’s because you we rushed, maybe moved too fast

Memories frozen in time

It felt like it was at its prime

An abandoned heart, broken like glass.


There are many people who become attached to certain things, such as a piece of jewelry or a blanket from your childhood.   Well for me, I’m attached to cats, from figurines to wall hangings, portraits to dinnerware, I love them all. 

I guess some people would consider it hoarding, but that’s why I’ve decided to get rid of some of the feline items that I have acquired over the past few years.

The first item that needs to go is the cat statue that an ex-boyfriend gave me for my birthday.  The hand-painted details are extraordinary, I mean, the artist got everything perfect, right down to the itty-bitty whiskers. Orange is the color of the cat because it’s my favorite color; apparently he paid attention to me. I admit, it was the most beautiful things that I have ever seen but it’s been bringing back some pretty bad memories. 

The reason why I’m planning to sell this piece of treasure is because I need a change in my life.  My horrible, unnecessary hoarding days are over.  My ex broke up with me because he didn’t appreciate how I spent more time accessorizing my home with cat items than spending time with him. And at that point, I knew that I hit rock bottom.  And let me tell you this, it’s not a very fun place to be. 

You’ll find yourself just sitting alone surrounded by beady, little eyes from various feline furniture pieces staring at you, and all you can do is stare back at them.   

If I Had One Wish

I wish I could just relax for a day

I wish time didn’t fly by so fast,

And that I could stop it at anytime I wanted

I wish fairytale endings really existed

And broken hearts healed faster

I wish that school would end; the day seems like its dragging

I wish that life didn’t have to be complicated

I wish that I had a fairy godmother, or a genie, or something

I wish that things just went the way I planned them

If I had one wish, I would wish for the perfect life

Introduction from “The Crayon Box”

I sauntered across the-what-seemed-to-be gigantic campus to my kindergarten class.  It was room K-104, to be exact. Like every other day, the teacher greeted me with a big smile and a simple “Hello Taylor.”  I sat in my chair, which happened to be orange, my favorite color.  My feet dangled a few inches above the ground. I sat there for a few moments and finally said, “Mrs.Watanabe, when are we going to start coloring?”

She turned around and told me to be patient. Now being the impatient child that I was, I proceeded to grab my 48-pack crayon box out of my Winnie-the-Pooh backpack. I was trying to be sly like a fly taking small bites of neglected food on a table. Once I had the crayons on the table, I heard someone come up behind me. It was Miles Kravowski. Now, Miles wasn’t your normal, misbehaved little boy. He was even worse. He was equivalent to the devil. Ever since he stole my Kit Kat bar in the lunch room, I despised him…(read the end to this story in the print edition of We Digress, being released in May 2011.)

This is a Poem That…

This is a poem that ties you down in the black abyss

that contains everything evil, dark, and bad

it’s the place that allows you to empty negative thoughts

you can’t vent to anyone.

And when depression makes you hit rock bottom,

you realize that you can’t keep everything inside

This is the poem that keeps your darkest secrets in a secure box

 with chains

 like treasure in a hidden chest.


My Favorite Place

Disneyland is my favorite place to be. 

Here I can see Cinderella’s castle standing majestically like the Himalayas, fireworks bursting like bubble gum bubbles, and people swarming around characters like bees to honey.

I can hear contagious laughter coming from kids of all ages, scattered screams coming from various rides, and thunderous applauses from the different shows.

I can feel my adrenaline kicking in while I take that daring plunge into the black abyss of Splash Mountain.  I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place, Disneyland.


I Had a Ferret

I had a ferret that was very furry

His favorite food was chicken curry

But one day, he decided to run away

And took the curry with him, to my dismay



I’m sorry that I did it

I snuck it with me while your back was turned,

That tall glass of ice cold milk was calling my name


You frantically searched far and wide

But little did you know, it was gone

Already satisfying my thirst


I’m sorry, I really am

But I needed something to wash down my Oreos

Boy were they scrumptious


Things Happen for a Reason

At the taping of a game show, the host had been informed that they needed to switch the program to the news.  The news’ theme song echoed throughout the spacious and colorful studio.

“This just in, an archeologist is found dead during a forest fire,” stated the news reporter.  The lights of the game show were still flashing, as if they were on the Las Vegas strip.

The studio audience was in shock when the large screen above their heads showed a fire burning at least a hundred acres of forest down to the ground. One woman in the audience stood up and identified the dead archeologist as her husband.  She screamed and dashed down the flight of stairs closest to her seat with tears in her eyes.  Security caught her as she tripped on the last step.  They sat her down and handed her a glass of water.

“He left on Thursday night and didn’t return home; things have been different ever since I got him that set of archeologist tools a few years ago.  He could leave home and not come back for a few weeks, he became obsessed with discovering new bones and fossils.  He didn’t even tell me where he was going! Now he’s gone and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

The ears of the security guards perked up, and one guard motioned his hands to the director who slowly got out of his seat and shuffled his old body to the sad woman.  The director of the game show kneeled down next to her and placed his hand on her knee.  The director sighed.  His aged and wrinkled face turned to the woman and looked her straight in the eyes.

“Things happen for a reason darling.  You never know what life will throw at you next but, I can reassure you that he’s in a better place now.  I’ve been in your shoes before, not too long ago my wife passed away.  It broke my heart but I knew that things would be better sooner or later.”

She looked at the man and nodded, agreeing to what he had just said.

When the Sun Goes Down

I opened the door and I saw darkness.  A black abyss that seemed to hold everything that was dark in it.  Afraid as I was, I cautiously took a step into it, not knowing what could happen to me.  There was a loud, thumping sound that came from the mysterious darkness and was followed by an evil laugh.

“I’m going to shoot you with my rubber band if you don’t stop!” I shouted.  The evil laughing continued.  I woke up startled and tangled in my bed sheets and blanket.  I was confused about the whole dream. Why did I see darkness? What was the thumping sound? Who was laughing? And why was I going to shoot them with a rubber band? 

When I got out of bed I searched for my phone to call my psychologist, or as I like to call her my personal problem solver.  I scheduled an appointment for 2:30 P.M. later that day.  When I walked into her office, I told her about my dream and asked what she thought that it meant.  All she could say was that I was crazy and that I needed to improve my self-confidence level. She was about to say something else but before she could finish her sentence I blurted out “I’m going to shoot you with my rubber band if you don’t stop!”

She chuckled and said “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do” (Author Unknown). Don’t shoot people with rubber bands if you’re trying to run away from what you’re afraid of.”

I sighed, agreeing with her and gathered my things to leave her office.  We both said goodbye to each other and on my way home someone jumped me.  I struggled to get them off of me, and I reached into my pocket to grab a rubber band.  I screamed “I’m going to shoot you with my rubber band if you don’t stop!” and the crazy person who jumped me ran away. 

I looked at the rubber band and laughed.  I thought to myself, “I’ve got all the self-confidence I need when I have my trusty rubber band with me.”


A Dandelion

A dandelion that floats freely through the wind

Has a carefree characteristic,

 Kind of like my pen when it touches a piece of paper

The thoughts come rushing out

Similar to the seedlings of a dandelion

When a gust of wind blows it along its path

It leaves a trail of seedlings

As it travels around the world

Ultimately leaving a mark in various places

And that is my wish as a writer

To leave a lasting impression,

On my readers


Writing Philosophy

Writing is expressing your mind to the world.



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