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My Favorite Place – The Ocean

The Ocean

is my favorite place to be.

Here I can see the ridges on the ocean floor as unique as a strand of DNA,

bubbles rising are as inspiring as a baby bird taking its first flight and

sunbeams are as comforting as a mothers reach below the ocean surface to

hold her child.

I can hear the trashing waves above,

Annoying clanking of gear, and comforting deep breathes being exhaled.

I can feel stinging water rubbing against my chapped lips

While I let salt water soak into my dry skin as I explore the deep blue

I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place,

The Ocean

Meditation on a Shell

As I gaze into the deep dusty ridges of the shell

First it is the silhouette of an eagle

And then it is like hills on a golf course

And then it is like a deep purple Maui sunrise

And then it becomes a opening of a saxophone

And now it hones sounds for the wind to produce

And now it is smooth as a plumeria petal

And now I am a fragrant blossom

Writing on a Theme

As I quickly walk right left right

 Into the famous store I march

The anticipation of order had a grasp on my focus

Everything around me is standing silent and still

While I myself move swiftly

I pronounce my order in the lingo

That the workers know oh to well

I in trust them with my order that they will make it right

I can not see what is being done

This worries me much

The combination of the different components

All not having a place in this

Mixed together in then perfect bliss

Then the mixture is passed on to the next care taker

Gently pouring it into its temporary home

Covered tightly with whip cream and a lid it is finally ready

They give it a name and place it on the counter

By the looks of this creation I know it is mine

Unique in its own way just as I am to it

Wrapping my fingers and feeling the chill

Understanding it belongs to me

No on will take it from me, for my lips have claimed it

The flavors of this master piece awakens me

Give me a new light

On the other side of my green straw

 The once considered home is now half full

My stomach has its other half soon to become a whole

Just as mind, body & soul

Eyes of Fear

When you think of the unknown, you think darkness and that is why I say it frightens me. The unknown surrounds me while wrapped up in my sheets, playing hide and seek or entering into the never ending ocean. I have come to the point where the only way I will shut my eyes is with a night light. I get surrounded with thoughts of the unknown and I will not let my mind go. Maybe if I could ride the frightening mystery behind the unknown I will no longer be afraid of it but take it by the horns and control it.


Laying in my bed the darkness encompassing my pupils forcefully pushing the light out. I cover myself with my fuzzy, blue cotton blanket in hopes of being safe. I breathe in the smell of the lavender softener with a tinge of taste. I try to escape the present but all I can here are the conversation and chatter going on between the geckos. My heart is thumping trying to break through my ribs and skin encasing it. I begin to sweat; I feel my pores releasing the sweat like a red and white pimple ready to be popped. My mouth is dry and my head is spinning. I squint open my eyes trying to be brave. I close my eyes tighter like a lock with no keys. In hope to make it all disappear. I begin to doubt what my mother always told me, “There is no such thing as monsters”.


“Tap, tap, Tap” the noises of the trees began to met by my ears as I stepped into the native looking forest with dark hills of leaves and a mixture of excitement and darkness. I had been unable to see anything clearly for the warm feeling of the sun began to set behind the hill and the chill of night was now upon my face biting at my nose and crawling like a spider up my back. I could hear the sounds of branches breaking below the weight of my neighbor’s boots as I tried to search for them in the dark shadows of the canopied hill. The echoing noise of the dogs oh note barking was faint and meaning less. As I searched the hill for the next person to deem “out” the smell of pine played with my nostrils and tingles me senses. Like a fox my I moved slyly from behind the rough bark of these nonnative trees for my prey. As I climbed the hill the air became thin and cooler with ever breath that I took in. At the top I stood looking down amongst the tail like tops of the trees I had come to the conclusion that I was alone with nothing to protect me.


I walked to the coarse sand that was filling in between my towns like little ants trying to hide in a tiny immeasurable hole. I stopped where outreach of the oceans hands could not further reach. The smell of barbeque filled the air with the sweet hint of soy sauce and kalbi rib fat dripping to the burning Coleman coals. The water was crisp and the shade of my favorite color…turquoise. Apprehension filled my head as I began to give myself in to the ocean because my older brother said it would be okay. It sways me in a way that makes me fell like I am being rocked to sleep but instead drifting out to sea. “Resisting and swim back” is what my heart said to me. I dig my small, innocent feet back in the sand as I try to get my grounding. Unable to compare to the immense amount of strain that the ocean is placing on my young body, I try to escape. Struggling to the point where I am out of breath with the taste of dirty salt on my tongue giving in was not my last resort, I am almost out of the war but not yet safe on land. The wave takes me under and surrounds my body like piranhas finally getting a meal. My long black hair is being tossed around with a forceful might, wiping my face and covering my eyes. The world around me is turning upside down and right side up. My lungs like a car out of gas begin to make noises like, “pop!pop!plat!” The darkness covers my mind, close to being lost to this sea and fight. That is when the mercy of the wave was placed upon me. I am released from the hands of the mighty ocean to remain on land where it is know well by me.


That is how I welcome you to my childhood of mystery and fright. Darkness, Loneliness and death were that things that frighten me. My past has scary but now it is the future that holds my fears and doubts of what is to come. It is not so much of the childish horrors, but more of what I will make of my life and what will become of it. Maybe if I could ride the frightening mystery behind the unknown I will no longer be afraid of it but take it by the horns and control it.

How to Meet a Mermaid Friend

Before starting you will need snacks slippery like fish, fins like planes, and hair like algae….now you are ready to meet a mermaid friend.


Walk to the ocean and put your fins and hair on (It is all part of the disguise)


Slowly enter in to the waves that dance gracefully. (If you do not know how to swim just act like you know what you are doing)


Once pass the break look for some rocks protruding out of the ocean. Make that your rest spot.


Sunbathe until you sweat to death (Now you know you have the perfect mermaid tan)


Set the snacks out along the rocks. (One mermaid is bound to get hungry and make a McDonalds stop)


Time to wait patiently with that happy-to-be-here-but-am-tired-face. (Remember mermaids are always happy)


When a mermaid finally wants to be your friend act cool like you have seen a mermaid before (Hide the child like excitement as much as possible)


When she begins to speak in sea talk make words up until she stops talking


Let her sing to you even though it burns your ears (You will lose your hearing one day anyway from all that loud music)


Say good bye, take a piece of your hair and give some to her and you will be friends forever.


Gaze upwards to the speckled sky beyond the grasp of my tender hand


Ladder, firm and distant, simplify the task to eternal space.


Nervous, anxious, and frightened to take the long-awaited first step.


Terrified I stand with the ladder in the curves of my hand and my eyes to the sky.


Uncertain of the path, and the outcome is unknown to me.


The element of forceful gusts knock me down when halfway up.


Lightning, unmerciful and stubborn, causes deadly shock.


The ladder leads to something I long for but I cannot see, touch, or smell.


 Resemblance of faith unseen, yet it exists in the minds of those who believe.


Faith in ourselves to be outstanding, knowing we can do it.


Confidence throughout our perilous journey to the top.


The ladder remains in my hand, and I define my stop


We are different you and I.

Perfect compliments in the end.

The feel of your hands,

Continue to drive me insane.


Perfect compliments in the end.

Giddy emotions built within,

Continue to drive me insane.

My mind won’t forget your sweet name.


Giddy emotions built within,

Loving you must not be a sin.

My mind won’t forget your sweet name.

We have come way beyond our childish games.

Let our Aloha reach the sky.


I can tell this is real by you grin

& the feel of you hands.

Let our Aloha reach the sky.

We are different you and I.

A Reaction to Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

For years I carefully drafted my life beyond this

Taking each crucial step with extreme precision

Completed the needed tasks to make it far

Stubborn I to even consider the opposite of outcomes


I heard the news not long from this day

Everything I once thought,

Everything I once knew,

Everything that I want


Now I go along each day with uncertainties


 Now there are two ladders in which I must choose

In the corner and on the sand I must continue to stand

Each ending of ladders route remains unseen

Confused, Dazed that would describe me


Do I choose the ladder in which I planned?

Or leave that behind for the one less stand upon?

Pro’s and Con’s rush through my mind

The weight of one seems to continually shine


For years I carefully drafted my life beyond this

Taking each crucial step with future in mind

I have completed the needed tasks to make it far

Cautiously I now climb the ladder unplanned.

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