About Kayani

I patiently sit on my shelf, surrounded by others of my kind. 

 I watch as various people pick and choose the more colorful and bright specimens around me.  My more conservative appearance cannot compare, and I am filled with frustration. 

Suddenly, an enterprising hand reaches out to me, and frustration is replaced with excitement.  I open up and reward the one who gave me a chance by blessing them with invaluable knowledge and wisdom, such things as my ordinary cover could not begin to hint at. 

When my reader is satisfied I am returned to my shelf, where I contentedly wait for the next person who unknowingly needs my assistance. 

This is what it means to be a novel.

My Writing Philosophy

No one else can see the contents of my mind.  So I pour that mixture out onto a page, where it coalesces into words for all to see.

 Revised Kayani About Me

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