Creative Writing 2014


After years of being confined to my school blog, Creative Writing students are now free to develop their own using the wonders of technology [cue heavenly angel song].

If you have a few minutes, and you’re feeling literary, please stop by the student blogs below to check out the snazzy stuff we’re churning out this year. With 18 writers, we’re bound to produce nothing short of genius, right?

So come on in, take a load off, and enjoy the musings of Creative Writing 2014.


Lovely Words by Destinee

Taylor Made by Taylor

Life Through the Tip of a Pen by Sean

[Alo]ha by Chandler

A Day in the Life Of by Carolynn

Elijah’s Imagination Creations by Elijah

Lily’s Silly Stories by Lily

My Thoughts by Madison

Outside Looking In by Pualalea

Biting and Writing by Hiilei

My Perspective by Cheyenne

Writing Unleashed by Patricia

Kailoa’s world by Kailoa

Trying to Write by Kamaileuilani

The Universe That Never Was by Justin

Daisy by Daisy

Miraculous Journey by Shaela

Sur-endipity by Maile

5 rules for commenting

Nothing can make an author’s day like having someone say, “I Like That!” Speaking of which, click here to see the best examples of each day’s work as voted on by the students themselves.

See something you like? Let the author know by leaving a comment.

1. Real first names only; never use a last name.

2. No addresses, phone numbers, or other identifying information.

3. Be respectful, please.

4. Don’t write about other people, just yourself and the author.

5. Keep comments focused on writing.

The Nitty Gritty

Course description: This semester course offers practice in several forms of writing (fiction, poetry, first person narrative, drama) enabling students to discover their own voice and their own material while developing the skills and techniques that will allow their work to engage a reader. Students will read representative literature from each genre as preparation for their own exploration. Students are expected to participate in an end-of-course reading and may contribute original works to a class magazine. They will be encouraged to submit works for real-world publication. Required for a Literary Arts Endorsement.

Open Disclosure: For the course open disclosure, click here.

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