About Lexis

She is the wind

She is the wind, soaking in all that she can.
She evaporates all the muckiness and tranquility of the world around her
And with it, she creates the rain to water the land.

Tales pour out, drop by drop.
As long as she breathes, she’ll never stop.
Crashing and bashing and flipping her songs
Staying up late, pushing all day long.

Attempting to make the water, fall,
Dripping like diamonds,
Free for all.
Spreading the thoughts that she often thinks,
Making her magic with blue and black ink.

When dropping the water she disses all notions of limits,
Listen close and you’ll find her soul carved within it.
She writes and creates through trials and pain.
Crafting and constructing this beautiful rain.

Writing Philosophy:

Writing is the expression of the soul’s innermost thoughts and feelings through the ink of a pen, or the stroke of a keyboard.

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