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My Favorite Place – The Ninth Hole

The 9th hole at Maui Lani is my favorite place to be. Here I can see the moon bright as the sun, the stars like diamonds stuck in the sky and mountains perfect as a picture. I can hear chirping crickets, pueos calling the secrets of the night, and the soft steadiness of my breath. I can feel wet grass, cool air, and gritty sand while I gaze at the night sky draped over me like a blanket. I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place, the stillness of the night.

Meditation on a Shell

As I gaze into the smooth, chaotic pattern of the shell

First it is an array of dark stormy clouds hiding the sun

And then it is like a home, a home to any creature who finds the empty space

And then its is like a portal that takes you to the ocean when put close to ones ear

And then it becomes a mouth full of sharp teeth portraying a smile

And now its is a paper weight, used at its lowest potential

And now it is a simple decoration; brown, hollow, spotted, and just cruising

And now my mind is shifting 


After a hard days work at the Hawai’i Nature Center, I would find relief by submerging myself into the Iao river. As I stand at the edge of the water I am a tired soul. As I take my leap into my hope of relaxation, the adrenalin rushes through me. Entering the water causes my body to chill. Ahh, is what I feel I’m thinking as my head is under water where the stresses of life cant reach me. The stillness and quietness just for that second sends me away and brings me back at the same time. When I float back to the top I take a deep breath that fills me up with relief.

These Were the Days

Happiness can be found in many places, I find it in the pleasant memories of my past. Going to school in my dad’s truck, being around my loved ones at my Tutu’s house, and just being a kid playing in Hawaiian Homes Park are the setting for most of my happy memories. These were the days where memories were made. These were the days when happiness was not blocked by a curtain of stress. When there was a never ending smile on my face. These were the days of my childhood.

Beep! Beep! Beep! went my alarm clock. That meant it was time to get ready for school. Riding in my Dad’s truck on the way to school brings back the memory of first learning to make happiness a part of my day. His large silver Toyota Tundra seemed like a mechanical beast to me. Getting inside the truck while its engine roared like a lion. Driving down the road with the windows down brought the cool morning breeze to my face. The thought of going to school didn’t faze me like it does now. The jazzy styling’s of Stevie Wonder played on the truck’s radio. Arriving in the front of school my Dad said his usual phrase, a phrase that I have held close to me as I grew up. Simple words rolled off his lips. “Be the Happy Hawaiian,” he said. I hopped out of the truck with a smile stretched across my face ready to begin my day.

Nothing ever made me happier than being around my family. Thanksgiving at my Tutu’s house achieved this easily. The smell of stuffing filled the air as my family gathered to hold hands around the food to pray. The loving atmosphere  of each one showing their thanks for each other warms my heart more than the steaming gravy covered turkey sliding down my throat and into my stomach.  As I sat around my loved ones eating the soft, supple, pumpkin, cinnamon taste of Tutu’s famous pumpkin pie we shared laughs and good conversation. The enjoyable time I spent with my family was more filling than the Thanksgiving food itself. The old sea green brick house of Hawaiian Homes contains many memories of happiness.

Riding my bike through Hawaiian Homes with the gentle breeze kissing my smiling face, the excitement and anticipation of getting to the park filled me up as I raced my brother and my cousins there. I heard the sound of sand and gravel crunching under my tires as I went faster. The jungle gym is a castle for us kids. Where our imagination and games held the setting for. I remember the soft rubber that laid on the ground and cushioned our falls, encouraging us to play harder. Laughter and playfulness would go on till the sun sunk below the West Maui mountains.

When I think of the joyful memories of my childhood my mind finds itself to the mornings in my Dad’s truck, my Tutu’s house, and Hawaiian Homes Park. These were the days my happy memories were made. These were the days happiness wasn’t something I had to look for. When there was a never ending smile on my  face. These were the days of my childhood.

How to Plant a Seed

First, you need a seed, a sharpie, and a clear ground area of soil. Second, you poke the sharpie into the ground about a half inch and pull it out as if you are dipping your toe into a pond to see how cold it is. Third, you place seed into the hole and cover it back up with soil. Do not pack soil on top; let the soil gently sit above the seed allowing sunlight through. Then, add a few drops of water to begin the growth of a tiny-hard-gonna-grow-into-a-beautiful-tree seed.


An ecstatic soccer team celebrates crazily of their World Cup victory.

Each one aggressively fights over another to touch the golden, majestic trophy,

yet in spirits of joy and brotherhood.

Their minds and bodies are consumed of happiness and excitement.






The words I say, hear them now
The class is still and not too loud
Everyone’s writing and thinking
There is no sound
The class is still and not too loud
The gears are churning
There is no sound
I look at the clock
The gears are churning
My thoughts are yearning
I look at the clock
Class is almost pau
My thoughts are yearning
My thoughts are flowing
Class is almost pau
I’m eager to get out now
My thoughts are flowing
The doors right there
Im eager to get out now
The words I say, hear them now.

A Farewell Speech to the Class of 2010

Aloha Senior Class,

The time has come for you to graduate and I would like to share a few words with you. I once heard an inspiring quote saying, “seize the day.” If those three simple words are embraced the opportunities life brings you will become endless. Sometimes it is good to take your eyes off of what is ahead for a second and grasp what is right in front of you. Today provides an abundance of opportunities that are not promised tomorrow. In Robert Herrick’s To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time he says, “And this same flower that smiles to-day. To-morrow will be dying.” You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow therefore hear the words I say, Seize the Day.

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