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“Batter up,” you hear the ref shouting as I walk onto the field. The baseball field, the game played upon it, the people who play, and the crowd in the stands, I am like them all.

I am just like the diamond shaped field that can be made into a square if looked at from a different perspective. I am the player stepping up to the plate and waiting for the next ball for me to hit. I can hear the cheering come from all around as I prepare myself.

Sometimes I miss the target even though it flies right pass my face. Disappointment fills the crowd as well as my heart but there it is my second chance. The ball comes flying towards my bat and I hit it square, sending it far into outfield.

Once in a while I’ll knock one out of the park and that’s when I’m proudest but for now I’m content.

I’m standing on second base as I wait for a teammate to hit one to send me running for third. Sometimes you’ve got to depend on others to help you get the job done, but I’ve always got my eye open for the next base for me to steal. Stealing a base is one of those moments of trickery, of glory and of defeat as long as I make it. I’m always thinking ahead even as I’m here in the now, waiting for something to happen in this game, in this moment. I’m no longer looking back at old games and nit picking about what I did wrong or looking to future games to see what I could be doing better.

Bam, my teammate knocks it out of the park and I run. The crowd cheers as I would for my friend although a tinge of jealousy sparks in me as he follows me into home.

From the players to the crowd, down to the field and the game itself, baseball is me.

My Writing Philosophy

Writing is when the words you want to say won’t come out of your mouth but will flow freely from your hand to paper.

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