About Ruben

I consider myself a wave in the ocean that soothes and moves people. Friendly, refreshing, and calm are what I am. I am helpful to friends of mine as well as everyone around me. My melodies help people relax as I sing in patterns that pound and slide across soft sand that helps me develop my voice.

 The people who use me love me and return to me for fun and adventure. However, a friend who uses me in the wrong way should expect to take caution upon approaching my treacherous territory.

I am the waves that fly with the currents using the people in my life to push me forward as I grow and progress to the end of my life with the hope that I will one day help the waves that follow my example. I am a wave who guides the weak. I am a wave who works with the wind in friendship.

I am a wave who leads the strong. I am a wave.

My Writing Philosophy

I translate images in my mind into words with the hope that I will inspire lives and define my own.

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