About Levi

I Am 

I am,

the eternal blue,

sky and the ocean,

both fade to a deep, dark depth,

that words and language cannot label.

Although the surface may be ridden

with storm clouds and mighty waves,

the sun is always behind the clouds,

and the depth of the ocean is always calm.


I am,

the navigator,

directing people,

to their highest potential,

through all internal storms.

Bringing them to the truth,

to life.


I am,

 the astronomer,

the one who knows the sky.

able to see into the stars of our creation.

Celestial communication. 

Seeing into the Universe.


I am,

the child,

of Mother Earth,

and Father Sky.


I am,

the koa‘e kea,

a bird that flies to its highest being,

a bird that dives to its deepest self.


But most of all,

I am here



My Writing Philosophy

My words express the meaning of things that could not do so without human tongue and thought. 

Levi about me

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