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My Favorite Place – The Magic of the Night Sky

The night sky is my favorite place to be.  Here I can see stars as radiant beings of light dancing through space, clouds drifting along like lazy whales in an ocean of darkness, and the moon smiling upon me like a mother comforting her child. I can hear the earth quietly snoring, the waves gently massaging the shoreline, and my heart in deep meditation, each beat in unison with the universe.  I can feel the moon softly embracing me as the stars fall upon my eyes like a crisp morning mist. While I gaze upwards in to the unfathomable spaces between stars, I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place, the magic of the sky.  

Meditation on a Shell

My eyes try to decode the mystery of this shell.  It reveals to my mind’s eye that it is like an old soul in nostalgia of a time passed, like a fossil of previous glory.  This shell is like a fortress that is the last remnant of a great battle.  This hell is like the abstract sculpture created by an intuitive ocean spirit.  The shell like a cloud, spiraling into heaven.  This shell reminds me of the tip of a mountain on the moon, now a flake of the night sky in my head.  This shell has taught me to embrace the changing tides, to take care of other creatures, and to remain steadfast in the crashing waves.  Look deeply into this shell and you will see yourself.

Ocean of Eternity

When the ocean calls me I either respond immediately, or reply to the message later.  One way I answer this call is my paddling.  The blue sky and ocean seem to merge into one location: the horizon.  This horizon is where we wish to journey to, each paddle projecting this canoe over the blue, deep, liquid.  Some find the ocean peaceful, yet many others fear it.  I think they fear it so because they merely do not understand it.  As this engine my body has become starts to sweat, the crystallized salt floods my eyes causing my vision to blur, and all I can do is feel.  One day I know the canoe will flip, and I too will be a part of the sacred balance between the sky and ocean and those who look deep enough will see my voyage reflected in the ocean within them.  My memory will be a star that guides those who seek.

In the Mind of a Child

The boy ran deeper and deeper into the bushes in the direction of their primordial roars. The green mountains provided a perfect backdrop while he was seeking out the reptilian remnants of a long forgotten age in the lush vegetation that surrounded his house.  The boy, armed with only a stick, wished with all his heart to find the great beasts known as dinosaurs.  He was careful to always wield a death-defying-dinosaur-destroying spear where ever he went.  This was not his first or last quest in vain, but merely a short chapter in the long book of his imaginative childhood.  Not only did the boy try to find dinosaurs, but aliens,UFO’s and even lost treasure from long dead pirates, his map was his incredible imagination that guided him through Honey’s house, his own house, and at many family gatherings.  The funny thing is that I am this boy and that I am proud that these three places have etched themselves in my memory.

 Honey’s house… a place that catalyzed some of my greatest thoughts and adventures. Her house is the proud king of endless pineapple fields that were like an ocean of mystery to me. I always wondered what lied within it, but I was always too afraid to explore this sea of opportunity.  I thought there was a kingdom of elves or goblins that dwelled between the orange-yellow rows.  The dirt would cling to the sweat on my skin while I was one of these elves searching for dragons in the aromatic eucalyptus forest.  There were a multitude of Jackson Chameleons and I thought those were far more fearsome then an army of American alligators. I would always look forward to those tantalizing M&M’s that were like edible stars of joy. I knew I was at Honey’s house when I heard the ringing and clanging of the serene wind chimes.  

 The last place dinosaurs remained was at my house.  The kiawe trees that line the road are sentinels that guard against the sprawling industrial park.  The place I live in is a flower growing amongst an expanse of rock.  I live by a river and we would swim in the crisp, refreshing mountain water.  I would always imagine myself as an otter diving into pools of freedom that only a child has understanding of. The earthly scent of freshly cut California grass was omnipresent as we would carve paths in search of mythical creatures for our make believe zoo.  The wind whispered between kiawe trees, they would talk of the children that came to their territory for god-knows-what.  After a day of chasing dreams in rivers and grass I would return home to find hot home cooked dinner that would feed my mind to power other adventures for other days.

 Family gatherings at the beach offered the most vivid imaginative journeys. There was that one beach where as soon as I left the car the mossy scent of friendly banyan trees would greet me.  The sight of an endless sea set my mind into overdrive!  I would be a cranky crocodile creeping beneath the waters surface, searching for unsuspecting cousins and sisters.  Their yells and screams when they saw me was the command in those war movies “GO GO GO” and I would grab the hapless child and there we would be wrestling in the sheltering shallows.  Like the crocodile I would portray, I would run to my family and eat some real good food!  For some reason, sand always finds a way to become part of my body, like a new layer of skin.  Maybe it’s because I would be a sand monster and put it all over my body.  I was a rock and the sand are limpets that cling to me.                         

 Honey’s house, my own house, and family gatherings.  These three places have conjured up thousands of imaginative thoughts that remain with me till this day.  Grant a child a small degree of freedom in nature and that child will have adventures not even the greatest storyteller can possibly imagine!  Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  Hoorah! 

How to Ride a Cloud

So you want to ride a cloud!  Shamans have been riding clouds since the beginning of man’s existence here on Earth, but the practice is being lost.  Follow these simple steps and you will be sure to roam sky in no time!

 Step 1:  Make a curly-coiled-cloud-connecter cord out of any type of bat fur.  Make sure it is light yet durable!

 Step 2: Find a cloud in the sky or a cloud garden.  These are usually located on the tops of mountains and in mountain forests.  If you are the adventurous type, you can surprise clouds by jumping out of an airplane, helicopter, or hot air balloon and land upon their backs. 

 Step 3:  When you are in the cloud garden, calm yourself down and be fully open to your surroundings.  This is important because clouds are tranquil and if you are not centered, they will pass you by.

 Step 4:  Make a lasso with the curly-coiled-cloud-connector cord and throw it as high as you can into the air.  If you feel yourself start to float, then you caught a cloud!

 Step 5:  Climb the cord and position yourself on top of the cloud.  Bend your knees, hold the cord tightly, and roam the sky like a yogi who has freed himself from the bonds of Earth.


Human, lost and discontented, raises hand toward the perfect sun,

ever climbing to the top that will never be ascended.


Lost Human, you will never be content, yet still you are 

accumulating items, traits and achievements that obscure what is already there.


Strength, knowledge, flawless appearance, achievement, possessions, and money is

what you foolishly chase to no avail.


Silly Human, you are filled with the preconceived notion that you are not good enough,

you are a ravenous beast with no stomach and you gorge yourself without end.


But hear this, O unconscious Human,

stop striving for the sun.


Instead of reaching out reach within.

You are already good enough!


You are the sun! 

Everything is One

Clouds always change,

the sky stays the same.

Waves come and go,

the ocean remains to hold.


The sky stays the same,

until blue turns to black.

The ocean remains to hold,

the mirror.


Until blue turns to black 

and the stars appear.

The mirror,

is held in the deep.


The stars appear,

twinkling above.

Held in the deep,

the dolphins dance.


Twinkling above,

waves come and go.

Dolphins dance.

Clouds always change.

The Pathless Land

A wise man once said

“truth is a pathless land,”

the land I tread.

The journey is unplanned.


Instead of looking at times to come,

or getting lost in the past.

To the present I succumb.

What has happened has been surpassed.


We never have control,

but we have choice.

To see the whole, live in the soul.

To speak with an authentic voice.


My path is not a road,

but an expanse,

of what nature hath bestowed.

This is my only chance.


What difference each choice may make,

I do not know. 

Only opportunities to take,

We just have to go!

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