Literary Survey

Literary Survey is a language arts elective offered in the fall semester. Because the content of the course changes every other year, it is repeatable once in a consecutive year. In even-numbered years, the focus is on American literature, and in odd-numbered years, the focus is on British literature.

The course catalog text: Using selections from prose fiction, drama and poetry, this course will provide students with useful reading strategies for increasing understanding and appreciation of these literary forms. Reading selections will survey British and American literature. The course will provide insight into the uses of language as an artistic form and into the value of literature. Special attention will be paid to the application of knowledge of literature to the essay portion of the SAT. This course involves much reading. It is recommended for the college-bound senior. This course is repeatable once (the emphasis is on British works in one year and American works in the next year on an alternating basis). Required for a Literary Arts Endorsement. 

To read the open disclosure document for this class: click here.

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