Creative Writing 2016

Ah! The fresh spring, morning air; the tangible expectancy in the halls; the uncomfortable non-volunteering of fourth block students fresh from lunch — it can all mean only one thing: It’s spring semester and Creative Writing class is back.

Visit the new crop of eager writers, ready to flex their brain muscles (do brains have muscles?) and attack the challenge of coming up with stories, poems and novels in the weeks ahead.

As the semester goes by, visit their blog sites, and see what new and ingenious works they create. If you like it, tell them so in the comments section. If you don’t like it, well, there’s no accounting for taste. You can keep that to yourself.


Check us out:

Keeping Up with Keely by Keely

Novel Inspired by Kai

The Creative Dividend by Toby

Brown Eyes & Blue Skies by Lia

In Between Dreams by Kiana

All Times Haven by Tyler

A Penny for My Thoughts by Kandace

Insert Title Hear by Jordan

A Stream of Words by Lukela

5 rules for commenting

1. Real first names only; never use a last name.

2. No addresses, phone numbers, or other identifying information.

3. Be respectful, please.

4. Don’t write about other people, just yourself and the author.

5. Keep comments focused on writing.

The Nitty Gritty

Course description: This semester course offers practice in several forms of writing (fiction, poetry, first person narrative, drama) enabling students to discover their own voice and their own material while developing the skills and techniques that will allow their work to engage a reader. Students will read representative literature from each genre as preparation for their own exploration. Students are expected to participate in an end-of-course reading and may contribute original works to a class magazine. They will be encouraged to submit works for real-world publication. Required for a Literary Arts Endorsement.

Course Open Disclosure: Click here.