Dylan’s Writing

The World

What does the end of the world look like to you?
Do the oceans drop off?
Does the world stop spinning?
Does the sky fall?
Are the lands flooded by rain,
or are we cooked by the sun?
Do the zombies take over?
Do we fight till the end?
Do we fight at all?
Look at me after I have lost you,
and that’s what the end of my world looks like

The Giant

I drove to the warehouse one night
And lived through a terrible fright
A giant broke in
And wrecked everythin’
Boy, what a heck of a night

From here, anything’s possible

Look good…
Sew good
Feel great!
Help people in need…
Saving lives
Safety comes first
Knowledge can help fight
SPRING INTO ACTION… giving back.
From here, anything’s possible.

Drives you home

This is a poem that bleeds
In the depths of your brain
That bolsters success
Because there is nothing greater
Because the only way is up
And when pride
Makes you lose your sense of courtesy
This is a poem that drives you home
The place where you became
Like the guidance from god
This poem is for all


From the deepest parts of Northern Africa, located in a village surrounded by lush wilderness. From a place only few go and even fewer return. In the ruins of an old abandoned city located in the flats of Uganda. In a wild bungalow concealed by massive 150-foot trees and foliage of all types. From there this amazing cat was taken and concealed. From Africa to Hawaii this feline was stowed and transported. Five feet in height and one hundred pounds in weight the stature of this massive cat overbears all. This cat is not only original, but a spectacle to see and be spoken about for years to come. Many emotions may come from an interaction with this great creature. From myself to you, this great cat of prestige and mystery can be given. YES-you can own a 5-foot-tall cat. Hand painted wood. Fun addition to your home. $30.00 Cash only. Please reply with name and phone number if interested. Thank You.

In Life

Life isn’t being sad or feeling alone
Life isn’t about the glam and glitter
Life isn’t about hate and greed
Life isn’t about discrimination and outcasting
Life isn’t a rain cloud that grows to a storm
Life isn’t loving the rich and hating the poor
Life isn’t the regrets at the end of the day
Life isn’t “what if’s?” Or “should’ve beens”
Life is loving yourself, life
Life is a smile that leads to a kiss
Life is great, if you make it


In Blood
she stands.
Because no opposition
she faces.

She stands
Without guilt
As she faces
The truth

Without guilt
her conscience fades
The Truth
Hurts everywhere

Her conscience fades
And she is covered
Hurting everywhere
Her eyes close

She is covered
Because of opposition
Her eyes close
In blood.

Burning Room

One night two friends sitting outside of a stadium heard crying and outrage fill the air.

“Do you hear that, George?” John whispered to his friend.

“Yeah, but I don’t know what it is,” George replied.

“Let’s go and find it,” John said.

As John and George left the tailgate party, they started towards a public bathroom that they thought the noise was coming from.

“Slowly, slowly,” George repeated to John.

They made it around the corner and found a giant opening that broke forth from the bathroom floor.
“What do you think that might be, George? You’re an archeologist,” John said.

“Just ‘cause there’s a hole in the ground, you think I know what it’s about?!” George said, “You’re a tour guide why don’t you show us the way around!”

“Okay I get your point,” John quietly agreed.

They started to breach through the hole and noticed writings on the wall; they weren’t English though. As they continued, they stumbled upon a room lit with a blue tinge. Observing the controls, George started to have a strong feeling in his gut.

Two tall men in black suits stepped in carrying a set of boxes. They laid the boxes out in front of George and John and said, “You have an important decision to make.”

Stressed and confused, George and John were filled with anxiety. The men insisted that they choose one box, so George chose the one to the right.

When the man opened the box, the room lit on fire, and the walls began to melt. The once solidness of the building melted away into ashes and ashes. The world was finally over.


In twenty years, man, things will change. All the drama and fights from high school? BAM! Gone. I will be in the thick of it. My life will go from school and friends to work and supporting my family. That crack in my voice that is like a skip on a record will finally be completely gone. My hair will pick one color and stick with it instead of changing like the leaves do in the fall. I think I will be taller, skinnier, and lighter skinned from working inside all the time. When twenty years go by, my driver license now will get me in trouble for identity theft, I will look so different. That’s twenty years from now. Boy, do I have a ways to go.


Once I thought that the dark would kill me. I would run from place to place outside to ensure that nothing would get me. When I was outside at night, I would yell intermittently to ward off those crazy creatures in the dark. The dark and I were mortal enemies until the night I took my leap.

I went out into the wilderness and mountains with my friends hiking. We talked about the different things about the night that they loved. The stars were a big topic amongst the group and how they brighten the night’s sky along with the moon.

As I stared at the sky that night observing the hundreds and thousands of stars in the sky, I realized something. This entire world was so much larger, so much greater than I could ever be. I realized that in this world I must find my place. I need to worry less about my personal fears and worry only for the fears that move the world.

‘Til this day, the night and I are friends. I watch it as the stars shoot across the sky. There is no need to fear the dark. That experience made me open my mind and love the night.

Our Love

It could be a mushy afternoon
Or a picnic on the moon
But, all that love is too much for me
Our love goes much more simply

It’s like a warm day at the beach
A vacation in France for the week
Homemade dinner and a perfect sunset
A mistake-filled night with no regrets
That’s……Our …..Love

Sometimes I just sit and think
Look at your eyes and I tend to forget
All the worries that once bothered me
My heart melts when you speak

It’s like a warm day at the beach
A vacation in France for the week
Homemade dinner and a perfect sunset
A mistake-filled night with no regrets
That’s……Our …..Love

Just being with you opens my heart
I would do nothing to pull us apart
Now I simply must confess to you
If we could just have a week or two
We would…

Take a day to the beach
Go to France for the week
Make you dinner and watch the sun set
With you I have no regrets

Super-Secret-Agent Godsey

When I was just a wee little lad, I idolized Mr. Bond, James Bond. He was the most amazing super spy I ever saw. He got all the girls, wore all the nicest suits, and liked his martini shaken not stirred. How could anybody not like him? He was quite the charismatic fellow. With the help of Q, his weapons expert, Bond got the coolest gadgets and guns that were almost out of this world.

My friends and I used to watch the movies together and try out some of the stunts he did but we failed at with a “schhlapp” and a “wooopang.” It was all in good fun.

I looked up what it took to be a double O and always practiced my target blasting just in case. I bought all the video games with James Bond in them and occasionally wore my communion tuxedo to try to act the part.
James Bond did no wrong with his wild black hair whipping like a flag in the wind as he fought off a bad guy who tried to kill him as he drove.

The first day of school, the teacher was taking roll and asked, “What is your name?”

In response I answered, “The name’s Godsey, Dylan Godsey.”

Unfortunately she didn’t find it very amusing and sent me to time-out where I would whistle out the theme song “dun na dun na dun nana dun na dunna dun.”

Galloping home I pretended I was in an Aston Martin and I was tagging down Dr. No.

What a wonderful life that was, but I grew up and Mr. Bond became a memory of the past. My love for action and adventure was cemented over by reality and school.

Wild Oasis

I go to this euphoria while I sit and think. It is not here nor there, but in my head. There are hills of red in every shade like a pastel rendition of the Grand Canyon. There is nobody, nothing around to hear me.

Water rushes down a river rolling over a cliff making a long, beautiful waterfall. I look to the sky and see both day and night peacefully coexisting. The water sounds like a shower head pouring out and hitting the sides of an empty tub. The smell of pine trees fill the air as you see the trees lined up like a fence along the red hills. The dampened ground sticks to your feet as you walk. The ground shakes with the crashing of the waterfall at the bottom of the cliff.

Serenity is this place, no hate, no problems, no concerns for anything volatile. The air is fresh and tastes of vapors and honey. All is well ‘til I leave this place again trading my hills for buildings, my rivers for roads, and my fresh air for that of vog and pollution.

Ode to a Shell

Oh, my dearest shell
To where have your inhabitants gone?
So dry you are, like the desert of Sahara
Long since you have seen water
With an earth-filled smell and earth-full taste
Like glass you are on the inside, so smooth and kind,
But, on the outside, jagged and rigged
Like the bottom of a running shoe
From a butterfly to a bird you change taking similar leaps
White to black as I start from the front
And black to white it repeats
To where your owner has gone
I haven’t a clue
O shell, so beautiful shell,
It was nice meeting you

The Dictionary of Life

car (n): 1. That gas-hungry lump of metal covered in dust. 2. My secondary room where I keep my stuff. Sample sentence: I drove my car to the gas station and drove home with one arm and one leg.

watch (n) wah-ttt-chh: 1. The only reliable component of my day. 2. The constant reminder of my tardiness. 3. My alarm clock and wave swell reporter. Sample sentence: I looked at my watch and realized I was 20 minutes late.

music (n) mew-Z-ick : 1. That wonderful painkiller that relaxes my mood. 2. The beat that I work out to. 3. That thing that is mortally banned in Ms. Haina’s class. Synonym: “Back in Black.” Sample sentence: Turn that music off; Ms. Haina is coming.

school (n) sccc-kuuu-ulll: 1. That prison-like structure with many security guard and four wardens. 2. My 7:45 to 2:30 job. Sample sentence: “What have I done to deserve this?” Tom said. “Its only school,” replied Tom’s mom.

pen (n) peh-en: 1. Magical, wand-like device I conceal in my bag. 2. The gateway between my mind and the paper.

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