Forever Young

A whole lot of smiling and tears will come

Because graduation day is coming soon

Crazy memories will always be cherished

Days when you looked like a buffoon.  

Especially when the ones you love are there

Friendship never fades and will follow you forever

Good times with family and friends

Have meanings which you will discard never.

In four years so many things have happened,

Just thinking of them makes me tear,

Knowing that your friends were always there

Loving you forever and will always be near.

May 28th is the big day to remember

Now a time to reminisce about everything

One by one you go up to get your diploma

Pressure is then released as you all start to sing.

Questioning all that you have gone through

Reminiscing about things you shouldn’t have done

Stress leaves your body because you know

The start to your future has just begun
Unforgettable memories you will always cherish

Very fun times that will always stick with you

Watching our class grow together

X-cept for those who left our school.

Young forever we will always be

Zooming through the years of eternity.

How to find THE perfect guy

There are many ways that one can find the perfect guy but here are a few. First off, you go to Never Land, and I don’t mean the Peter Pan kind. The way to get there is obviously through daydreaming. Choose somewhere that’s nice outside or just somewhere that you can clear your mind. He will then start to appear. The second thing you could do is turn on your TV. By flipping through the channels and finding all of the actors or celebrities that you feel are perfect, choose the certain qualities that you like about them, close your eyes, and BAM! There he is; your perfect, I-don’t-ever-want-to-lose-him guy. There he is; the one you’ve been waiting for. The third thing you could do is try sleeping. A lot of the time, this is when you will find the guy of your DREAMS. As a last resort, you could get a paper and write a list of what you want in a guy. Handsome, funny, smart, down to earth, and anything else that you feel is necessary. Once you feel you have made the perfect list, keep it close to you so that when you find a guy, you have something to compare him to. Lastly, once you have found him, please record that moment for the whole world to see. If you’re lucky you will find YOUR perfect guy, but the question is. Did you find THE perfect guy? Some people search the world to find the perfect guy, like how someone may try to find the end of the rainbow, it’s nearly impossible. But that’s for you to find out, happy hunting 🙂

Best Friend

She is the early morning sunrise at Haleakala.

She is the daily serving of sarcastic remarks.

She is a camera and computer full of pictures. 

She is steel, in its strength and sturdiness.

She is late night dances in the parking lot.

She is the target to all of my jokes.

She is the pain in my butt.

She is the rainbow, vibrant and unexpected.

She is the feeling you get on a rainy day, lazy.

She is the sister I never had.

She is my best friend.  

I’ll Love You Till Forever Ends

Papa, are you there?
Faint whispers wash my tears
I won’t let you go
As I hear you in my thoughts…I pray!
Faint whispers wash my tears
I have to get through my darkest days
As I hear you in my thoughts…I pray!
Rest in peace
I have to get through my darkest days
Growing up, growing pains, you were always there
Rest in peace
As I mourn of heartache
Growing up, growing pains, you were always there
Wish I could see you again
As I mourn of heartache
I’ll always love you till forever ends
Wish I could see you again
I won’t let you go
I’ll always love you till forever ends
Papa, are you there?


I’m afraid to go to college, what will happen when I do.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to prove everyone wrong.

All I want is to be successful, the first in my family to actually be happy.

Working in a family business? I’ll pass.

You think that being a teacher is foolish? Well at least I’m going to college.

Work in an office for the rest of my life? No thanks.  

I’m too short for volleyball, but hey. At least I can say I gave my all.

Tell me I can’t come back from an injury like mine? Well I’ll show you.

I enjoy staying home, why does that make me a loser?

You think she’s so special? You think he’s a good  boy?

Why doesn’t anyone notice me?

I’ve always been the “good one” the one they think will actually go places.

Then why is it when I decide to do something I get put down?

Why is it that only when I do something bad that’s when I’m talked about?

Feeling unappreciated? Care what others think?

I like who I am, why can’t you accept that?

I guess that’s what I’ve been wondering all along.


This story is based on the following ad found on Craigslist:



“Hurry mom!” little Johnny yelled as she opened the door to their house. “I’m gonna miss it!” As soon as his mom got the door unlocked, Johnny rushed in. It was 4:58 which meant he just made it in time for the new episode of Justice League.

While watching these shows, Johnny would use his blankie as a cape (because he had spilled fruit punch on it so many times, you’d think it was actually a cape from afar). Afraid that someone would steal it, he hid it behind the TV.

Everyone knew that when Justice League was on, there could be no noise and no one could disturb little Johnny. He was glued to the TV and was in his own little world.

When the TV series first came out, Johnny’s mom was unaware of what would happen if she were to disturb him. During a continuation episode, one of the villains had just escaped when some of the super heroes were busy arguing about what color to paint the walls of their lair. Johnny yelled, “No!” and his mom came running. Johnny was so frustrated he just kept yelling saying things like, “Stupid!”, “Ugh!”, and “Come on!”

His mom had no idea what was going on so she went up to Johnny, put her hand on his shoulder, and asked if he was okay. He then started to go completely ballistic. He threw a temper tantrum, turned the TV off, then ran outside in just his underwear and ran around the neighborhood screaming his head off.

Their pastor at church then knocked on the door to their house, and when Johnny’s mom looked she saw little Johnny passed out in the back seat of his car. She had never been so embarrassed and knew to never do that again.

Well now, only a week away from Halloween, little Johnny wouldn’t stop bugging his mom about being a super hero. She knew that if she didn’t get him a super hero costume, he would probably never talk to her again, so she did all that she could. She tried looking in the stores and on the Internet, but they were either out or the shipping would take too long. She even tried sewing him one but he hated it so much that he put it in a puddle and made like that was his little bridge to cross over and on top of that he used it to play tug-o-war with his dog.

His mom has run completely out of ideas and is on the verge of breaking down. With her job and having to cook for her family, she can hardly find the time to look any more, let alone drive around to get one. She just doesn’t want to let little Johnny down.

A Limerick

I once met a man from South Greece

Every day he would shout out “World peace!”

But when he tried to spread love  

The people would shove

That strange peace-loving man from South Greece

The Day

It was summer time and I would usually just be at home doing nothing, but volleyball open gym was going on and I hadn’t gone to a single one since summer started, so I decided that I would go to school to work out a little bit. Coach Mark was there and made me do workouts with Ginger. It had to be one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. After working out, we decided that we would go in to the gym to play volleyball.

My body was feeling a little sore and tight so I sat on the side for a while to stretch. I had a bad feeling about practicing that day, but after stretching I jumped in some of the drills anyways. After a few drills, we started to scrimmage.

A point here, a point there, then there was a pass, a set, and it was now my turn to hit. I jumped up and when I landed, I knew everything was going bad. My knees immediately gave out and then, “pop”. That sound was one of the scariest sounds that I heard in my whole life and I knew that it wasn’t a good sound either. I laid there on the ground not only in pain, but also hurt because I knew my volleyball season for my senior year was over.

I tore my ACL that day which would take an overall six to nine month recovery. It took a few months after my incident before I was able to accept what happened. My family also had a hard time too but we knew that everything happened for a reason, no matter how bad it may be.

Meaning Within

This is a poem that sparkles and shines

In the clear night sky

Because excitement explodes from deep within

Because happiness is what we desire

And when sadness

Darkens my brightest days

This is a poem that jumps and creeps

On fields of joy and hills of wondering

Like feelings that can’t be expressed.


My Favorite Place

The serpent slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas is my favorite place to be.

Here I can see shark after shark swimming by as if mocking us from the outside of the tunnel, water above, below, and to the sides of us as if the water were people at a 3 story night club and we were on the second floor, and my mom’s face filled with joy like a grandparent after getting bingo at Sunday bingo night.

I can hear water rushing all over, my mom’s smile so loud that it feels almost as if the slide is going to crack, and the joyous laughter from all the other people on the slide.

I can feel the water splashing on me while our tube hits the water and pushes us further and further down through the tunnel.

I can see, I can hear, I can feel in my favorite place, the serpent slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas.  


The Dinosaur

I had a dinosaur, that was cute and fun,

He was like a little puppy except weighed a ton;

We would play all day and all night,

Until one day a mouse gave him a fright. 


Tailgating Mishap

Upon waking up after working overtime for his shift at the airport, Patrick Mee (also known as Pat for short) happened to be a dedicated fan that was very eager to attend the World Series which would be taking place on March 7. 

On February 23, the New York Yankees won their divisional championship which helped in clinching their spot in the World Series. They would come face to face with their rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies in a game that would be known as the “game of the century.”

After a devastating loss to the Seattle Mariners a month before, the Yankees struggled to make a comeback. The whole state of New York was baffled at the fact of the Yankees losing to the worst team in the Major Leagues; however, this didn’t keep many dedicated Yankee fans from purchasing their tickets a month in advance to the World Series which would take place in their very own state.

It was now March 7, and within just a few hours after the gates opened, the parking lot of Yankee Stadium became crowded with fans from both the Yankees and the Phillies. Pat and some of his friends had already set up their things and wasted no time in starting the tailgating.

While tailgating, Pat and his friends liked to walk around to meet new people. On one of their stops, they met a young man named Ben Toplate whose wife had just given birth to their son back home in Philadelphia. Being a new father, he was excited as well as Pat and his friends. Although Ben was from Philadelphia, Pat came to find that Ben was actually born and raised in New York and was deep down a Yankees fan.

Pat thought it was the most remarkable thing, and after he was done talking to Ben, Pat and his friends left. On their way back to their cars, Pat did not see a little boy with red paint making a sign for the Phillies and walked right into him. The little boy with the bucket of paint in one hand and paint brush in the other got startled and the paint splashed all over Pat and his clothes.

Seeing that Pat hadn’t anticipated an event such as this, Pat didn’t pack any extra clothes. Lucky for him though, Pat’s friend Harry had some clothes in his car from one of his sons. Pat, being the carefree person that he was, didn’t care and wore it anyways.

Well, the Yankees won the World Series that year, but Pat didn’t remember that because of the Yankees win; he remembered it because of the events that took place during the game.  

Pat had a seat right next to an off-duty nun, and the shirt that he got from his friend said “All the single ladies” with pictures of nuns lined up. He later came to find that she would be the nun who would be teaching his children at school.  


When the Sun Goes Down

From the darkness came a sound, a sound like that of an elephant falling. “Boom!” was the sound that Sherly heard when she decided to take a shortcut home after soccer practice. “Boom!” was the sound she heard as she got closer and closer to the darkness, and “boom!” was the sound she would never forget.

Because Sherly wasn’t far from home, she decided that turning back wasn’t an option. So she kept going straight, straight towards the unrelenting sound that increased in intensity. Now, just a couple feet away from the darkness, the sound became a constant “boom! boom! boom!” Nowhere to run, Sherly used the flashlight that she had for her reading book in her back pack. As scared as she was she didn’t scream. Finally shining the light in the darkness, she was a bit disappointed to find what she did. All this time she thought maybe it was a gang shooting at bottles waiting for their next victim to pass, or an actual elephant that at any minute could drop on her. But, it turned out to be a band, composed of fluffy little animals whose instruments were trash cans, pans, and whatever else could be found in a dumpster. She thought it was the strangest thing she had ever come across and thought that she’d let them live in her garage.

From that day on she became the most popular girl in school. This goes with the quote said by Frederick Speakman which says, “The roads we take are more important than the goals we announce. Decisions determine destiny.” If Sherly had never chosen to take that shortcut home after soccer practice, she never would’ve found those animals and never would’ve became the most popular girl in school.


Box of Crayons

Like a box of crayons, my writing has variety.

I choose what to do with it however I please.

Either light or bold, I am always in control.

Being creative helps to express the inner me.


Ideas in abundance rush to my head.

The bigger the topic, the more ideas I get.

Jumping back and forth deciding which is best,

I finally choose the one that my standards have met.


Choosing a color in a box of crayons is hard,

But so is writing when it comes to me.

Finding the right thing to focus on is difficult.

Even as time goes by, it is still hard to see.


The ending product shows the true colors in me.

 A box of crayons is like my writing, you see.


Writing Philosophy

Writing is important because it shows your sense of character and also lets you express things in different ways.



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