Melia’s Writing

This is the poem I never got to write…

I never got to write about my lacking sense of fashion
But I did get to write about my childhood passion
I never got to win the creative writing spelling bee
But I did get to learn about what life means to me
I never got to write about aliens in space
But I did get to write about my personal oasis
I never got to write about what I want to be
But I did get to write about the old me vs new me
This is a poem I wrote late last night
This is a poem I never got to write

A Limerick

I once met a man from South Reno
Who lived in the New Palm Casino
He married a moke
And then he went broke
Now he can’t drink a good cappuccino

Rainbow of controversy

On the road to the land of freedom…
Building new horizons is frightful
Time ties with trust
You can look inside yourself to set peace
Think of the best solution
You are the foundation

This Is a Poem That…

This is a poem that sways magically
in my mind, that sings like a graceful angel
because in my mind there is melody
because in my mind there is rhythm

And when panic drowns out
the beautiful melody with its tone-deaf tempo
This is the poem that stands majestically
in my heart, It sings louder and sweeter
than any Beethoven Symphony

Our Notebook

My husband and I were high school sweethearts. There was this notebook we used to write in every day. The Notebook of Our Lives we called it. It was the notebook that would forever remind us of all the wonderful and memorable things we’ve been through together.

Two years ago, he passed away in a horrible car accident, so now all I have of him is “Our Notebook.” A few years before he passed, we had promised each other that we would go and see the world, but it was never the right time till now. The first place we planned to visit was Maui. We heard it was beautiful down there.

It was our dream to go together. It is something I wanted to do for us, so I packed just a simple bag with a few things, such as a razor, camera, clothes, and “Our notebook.” I was on the next plane to Maui.

My friends couldn’t pick me up from the airport, so I ended up catching a cab. I was so excited to be on Maui that when I got to their house, I realized I was missing my bag. I looked everywhere and called every taxi company on Maui.

It was hopeless. I decided to post an ad on Craigslist, hoping that maybe someone will see it and return it. All I care about is “Our Notebook.”

In His Eyes

In his eyes
I see the truth
His slyness disgusts me
His eyes stab me

I see the truth
On his face
His eyes stab me
His crooked smile makes my skin crawl

On his face
The lies are written all over
His crooked smile makes my skin crawl
He wears a mask

The lies are written all over
His mask lures them
He wears a mask
To hide the truth

His mask lures them
His slyness disgusts me
To hide the truth
In his eyes

You Make Life

Life isn’t about money
Life isn’t about fame
Life isn’t about how many Facebook friends you have
Life isn’t about being a celebrity
Life isn’t about having the newest materialistic things
Life isn’t about how many people you date
Life isn’t about how many people you know

Life is what you make of it
Life is coloring outside the lines
Life is laughing so hard that your stomach is twisted in knots
Life is dancing to the beat of your own drum
Life is expressing yourself freely without being ashamed
Life is dancing in the rain without the fear of getting sick
Life is screaming a song at the top of your lungs at a concert
Life doesn’t define you
You define life

Old Me vs. New Me

At eighteen-years old, I am not even thinking about twenty or thirty years from now because, honestly, I don’t know how I’ll look in twenty or thirty years.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll probably have kids and be too lazy to work out, so “yay” to being fat. But right now, I have to worry about an unbearable underbite like Michelle Obama, but at least she has money for surgery to change that in a day. I am going to have to go through the torture of braces. I can’t wait!

And let’s not even get into talking about my wide feet. My feet are so wide I have to get shoes custom made, so imagine twenty years from now. Thinking about it makes me have a headache.

And if that’s not bad enough, I am the laziest person when it comes to shaving my legs. My legs are so hairy, like the infamous Sasquatch. Don’t tell anyone, but people sometimes mistake me for Bigfoot’s daughter.

If all those things don’t get to you, my dad has this Daddy-knows-best attitude, so he convinced me that it doesn’t matter how you look. People will accept you for who you are, but not when you wear dorky glasses. I have really bad eyes, and I can’t see a darn thing, so I have to wear around these geeky glasses that make people laugh at me. Dad knows best? That’s a laugh.

So, after writing this, in twenty or thirty-years, I realize I won’t be lazy, and I’ll work out every day, and shave my legs, too. I also will get braces, so I can have a beautiful smile like Jessica Alba. And there is nothing I can do about my wide feet, so I guess I got to just deal with it. And I’ll get contacts, so I don’t need to walk around with this magnifying glass on my face.

In thirty years, I can’t wait to see myself!


I used to think my friends were the center of my world. Everything revolved around them like any young teen. I spent every weekend with them going to the beach, mall, and each other’s houses. I didn’t have a care about anything else.

I have a cousin who is the same age as me, and I used to mistreat her. I used to ditch her and hang out with my friends instead. My cousin and I would make plans weeks in advance, but if my friends called me up at the last minute, I would drop plans with my cousin in a heartbeat for my friends.

Then I got into a horrible accident so bad I was hospitalized for days. Other than my parents, the only person that came every day to see me was my cousin, the one I used to ditch all the time for my friends. My friends didn’t come to the hospital, not even once. That experience made me appreciate her so much. I realized that family will always come first, and my family will always be there for me.


I learned to be humble
I learned to be kind
I learned to be respectful
Not to cry, pout, and wine

Then I learned not to follow
To go against the flow
Be the best that I can be
Things in life I need to know

And now I am learning to persevere, and continue to strive
Leave a mark on the world, and don’t be afraid of the dive
But most of all, I’m learning that it’s much easier
Much easier to be me

My Love for You

It’s an illegal love that I can never have
So all I can do is dream of this inevitable thing
But not being able to have it just makes me want it more
I just want to steal it like a robber in a store
Every time I see you I get tongued tied
I know we could be amazing and I think that’s what kills me
But again I just play it off
My face just tells a whole different story
My face says I don’t care but secretly I am dying inside
My love for you is like trying to touch heaven
My love for you is hidden away and completely forbidden


Like a volcano, a problem starts to erupt
It can come out of nowhere, and mess everything up
Just when you think everything’s fine below
Protruding out of the volcano comes a fast lava flow

The ashes falling down are acidic and pitch black
It’s one of those things that can never be taken back
Once the volcano erupts there’s nothing you can do
It’s gone, passed away, something passing through

It’s hard to figure out what to do
Should I cry, scream, shout, or have a different point of view?
I can think of it as a good thing, like maybe it’s meant to be
The ashes give minerals, so there can grow another tree

But no matter what, there will always be sad faces
‘Cause the volcano can destroy so many places
It’s hard to accept it, but you got to let nature take its place
Because the lava’s going to flow at its own pace

So think about it as everything happens for a reason
The volcano can erupt in any place, time, or season.

How to Make a New Friend

To make a new friend, the first step is, you must choose a victim. Be a kid in a candy store, and seek the best candy. Look for that candy that would satisfy your sweet tooth.

To make a new friend, the second step, you want to give them a warm smile every day. Show them that you’re an open person, and you’re interested in their friendship.

After a few days of smiling at them, for the third step, you want to gradually add the head-nod (this is the motion were you lightly lift your head up then down).

To make a new friend, the next step is to try to spark random conversation. Ask them how their day is going, or what class they have. To make a new friend, you must repeat step four for about two weeks.

Once you guys start getting comfortable with each other you can move to step five, find a common interest. Ask them if they play sports, what they are doing this weekend, or if they like watching shows when the prince saves the princess from an evil dragon. Build off each other’s common interest.

Continue to repeat step five. Eventually you guys will become good friends. Congratulations, you made a new friend!

Wonder Woman

I was flying in the air, whoosh, spinning, twirling, and rotating. I was fast like an airplane. My cape was rippling in the wind. I felt like a bird soaring above, glancing down at the citizens below me. I was on top of the world. I can hear them below yelling, “There’s Wonder Woman! There’s Wonder Woman!”

Watching children screeching with excitement put a smirk on my face.

“What the…?!” I yelled. My entire face was soaking in water. I sat up, and saw my brother chuckling over me. Then he ran away with a devious smirk on this face.

“I’m going to get you!” I proclaimed.

“Bring it!” he replied.

I sat up. The t.v was on with my favorite cartoon playing, The Justice League. I watched this cartoon every morning before I went to school. Watching my childhood hero Wonder Woman calmed me down.

What would Wonder Woman do? I thought to myself, get justice! I continued to watch the cartoon, admiring her hair dancing from side to side when she was flying. She was powerful, the way she was thrusting her punch at the villain’s face. With every punch you could see their faces being tossed around like they were bowling pins and she was the balling ball always getting strikes, Booosh!

I so badly wanted to be her. She was way more than a woman with super powers. She symbolized equal rights, and justice. At that moment, I thought, “That’s what I want to be when I grow up.”

Personal Oasis

In my bubble of darkness, I can be whatever I want to be
I can think, I can feel, I can see what I want to see
My bubble is pitch black like a black leopard’s fur
In my bubble I can make images clear or blur
My bubble is pitch black like a stormy winter night
When I am tired of darkness I can turn on the light
My bubble is pitch black like the eye of a hurricane
In my bubble I am like a crack addict on cocaine
I can choose to hear the ocean pounding against the shore
Or be on a battlefield of lions listening to them roar
Or listening to the perfect beat when doing jumping jacks
It’s my personal place, where I can relax
I can make my bubble pocky like a prickle porcupine
Or make it swirl like a delicious Red Vine
Or make it smooth like dried up wax
It’s my personal place, where I can relax

As the Shell Stays Still

As the shell stays still like me fast asleep
It reveals memories hidden down deep
This shell takes me back to those days at the beach
When you had to search for them like a worm or a leech
The texture of the shell goes from bumpy to smooth
Like the beat of my heart, racing till soothed
There is no smell, and I don’t dare taste
But this shell takes me back to a beautiful place
The ocean probably tossed it around like rocks in a stream
This shell makes me smile like a child given ice cream

A Survival Dictionary

parents (n): 1.The people who continue to nag you to do your homework. 2. Your legal guardians till you turn 18 years old. 3. The people you have to listen to fight. 4. The people you mimic when they turn their back. 5. The people you then complain about to your friends on Facebook. Synonym: guardian. Antonym: peer.

brothers (n): 1.The people who leave dishes everywhere around the house. 2. The reason why you would rather read a book because you don’t want to watch cartoons all night. 3. The reason why boys are scared to talk to you. 4. The reason why you don’t want your friends to sleep over. See: irritating. Synonym: loser. Antonym: cool.

dogs (n): 1.The friend you tell your deepest secrets too. 2. The thing who watches the house when you are at work or school. 3. The thing that with one lick can brighten your day. Synonym: best friend. Antonym: cat.

school (n): 1.The reason students play sick. 2. The place to socialize with your friends. 3. The place where friendships are tested. Synonym: torture. Antonym: Utopia.

car (n): 1.The thing that takes me everywhere to save time. 2. The reason I can wake up at 7:30 a.m. and still make it to school on time. 3. The thing people think defines them. Synonym: helpful. Antonym: useless

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