Reid’s Writing


Here in this room,
There are two candies.
One labeled “Love”,
The other labeled “Lie.”

Which one appeals to you?
I urge you to take that.
Do not worry about me,
I’ll take what’s left over.

Should you choose “Love,”
I will eat the “Lie.”
But if you choose “Lie,”
I will spit back the “Love.”

If you don’t know which is right,
For you to choose,
I recommend that you roll the dice,
Test your chances against fate.

If I found it all on “Love,”
Will it spell a bitter doom?
But If I base it all on “Lies,”
Will I meet a sour end?

The forecast today calls for sun and rainbows.
Yet with clouds, heavy above my head.
Will you bring a “Smile”?
Or will you simply wear “Sadness”?

Which one appeals to you?
I urge that you take that.
Do not worry about my choice,
I shall take the opposite.

If you should take a “Smile,”
I will drown in sorrow.
But if you should wear “Sadness,”
I will laugh at your sulking face.

If you don’t know which is right
For you to choose
I recommend that you roll the dice,
Test your chances against fate.

If things are built with “Smiles,”
Will I yield no excitement?
Yet if my only materials are “Sadness,”
What does cruel life intend?

No matter how far you go,
No matter how close you get,
I will still be here,
Taking what you leave behind.

No matter which you pick,
I exist with you.
The reality of my words—the truth,
Will remain a mystery to you.

A Limerick

There once was a very small guy,
Who ’round other people was shy.
But from his news class,
His rep spread out fast.
Who’d know that that shy guy was I?

Rainbow of Controversy

Gloom hovers over,
Three stooges destined to die
Deal with cowboys.
High stakes ahead!
Safety comes first.
With the state of two minds,
This is the pulse of paradise

This Is a Poem That Shines

This is a poem that shines
In the place where shadows grow colder
That dances
Because it’s free
Because it comforts
And when longing sets in
And desperation rips at the heart
This is a poem that sings
Where the voices are silent
And the lost are found

All The Time

I walked through my front door, throwing my school bag to the side and plopping myself on the couch. It was a long day, and I was so tired. I barely got enough sleep the night before. I guess that was actually all my fault. I shouldn’t have stayed up all night talking to her.

I pulled out my laptop and hopped on Skype, hoping that maybe she would be on.

She wasn’t.

“Great…” I said silently to myself. I started to think about how I stayed up until three in the morning just talking to her. She had the most beautiful brown eyes and black hair that flowed down to her waist. When she smiled, everything about her would light up. She had these little dimples that were subtle but were the cutest things ever.

I missed her. I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day. When my friends ask why I stayed up so late, I claimed to have had insomnia. I never felt so strongly about someone, and I thought maybe she felt the same way.

All my life, I’ve had no one to love or hold close to me. I’ve always dreamed of that; the life I’ve always craved. But I just had to be an island away. The girl perfect for me was far out of my reach, and it was killing me.

“Well maybe…maybe if I submit a lame ad. She says she reads those for fun sometimes. If she feels the same way then maybe she would tell me….” I sighed as I thought of what to write.

I miss you 24/7. So sad. I need a life, preferably one with you in it. =[

Remote Control

This is my remote control,
This is the only thing that motivates me.
There are too many problems with it
But hey, at least it passes time

This is the only thing that motivates me,
Although I really should spend time outside.
But hey, at least it passes time,
Staring at the flashing screen

Although I really should spend time outside
Dancing & moving all day long
Always staring at the flashing screen
Entrusting my body to the feedback

Dancing & moving all day long,
But honestly, how would that turn out?
Entrusting my body to the feedback,
I want to be like them on screen.

But honestly, how would that turn out?
There are too many problems with it.
I want to be like them on screen,
This is my remote control

Life Isn’t the Same

Life isn’t about money,
How much you make a year
What your benefits are
Or how big your office is

Life isn’t about love,
Who you text through the night
Who you stalk on Facebook
Or being “forever alone”

Life isn’t about school
Which ones you go to
Which ones you graduate from
Or which ones you fail out of

Life isn’t about laws
Letting others control you
Letting it bind you
Or letting it confine

Life is about war
Who you make a treaty with
Who you will lay siege to
And how you will spread your influence and empire

Life is about surviving
How you will just get by
How you will adapt
And how you will carry on with bruises and scars

Life is about destruction
What you will set ablaze
What you will reap
And what you will sacrifice to get what you want

Life is about time

20 Years

The first thing I hope to change in twenty years is my appearance. Being a nerd that usually stays at home on the weekends due to a lack of social gathering invitations, all that I see is that I will be like those people who stay at home all their lives with their mommies, eventually becoming somewhat on the non-lean side.

Other than that, I would like grow my hair because of the school rules. Curse me for selling my soul for 13 years for a senseless education!

I’ve also always wanted to get a tattoo, but it’s been “forbidden” by the supreme being that brought me into this world; but this shall pass when I am freed by the law.

Once I am 36, I will have the horrible fat cut away, replaced by a finely chiseled body, my hair will have grown to a style that I feel suits me, and my body will be inked permanently.

They Say That Friends Are a Real Treasure

They say that friends are a real treasure. That they can really make a person happy. I always sought to have friends when I was young. I wanted to be cool and hang out with a lot of people because I always knew that they would have the time of their lives. You only live once so might as well make the most out of it.

I was sitting in front of my TV one day, alone in my house, playing X-box like a geek or nerd, which ever you prefer. Despite the distracting screen full of flashing colors and blaring speakers, I noticed my phone, which rang and vibrated with a new message. I opened the message from a friend. My best and only friend that I had and vented my thoughts to.

“Meet me outside please? It’s important.”

I obliged his request and met him down the road. Suspecting how important it was, I asked him what was wrong. He didn’t hesitate.

“Yeah, you are way too depressed. I just don’t want to deal with it anymore so yeah….” His voice trailed off before turning away, walking nonchalantly back to his house without a single response from me.

I walked home, still struck with shock and sat in my room. I cried, and it was pathetic. I lost the only person Id really ever been friends with. Someone who I could tell all my secrets to and be completely honest. And now he was gone. For weeks I was silent around my family and school mates, often losing the will to get up in the morning.

Even now today I still think about my friend that I lost, but I have a new message from it.
“Be happy.” After the most depressing thing of my life, I found happiness in it.

Our Dance

I walked into class after a long school day
Standing in the back row
With some gym shorts on and a casual shirt
Ready to dance for the first time

I watched everyone bust a move
Thinking of what step came next
“Take it one at a time, now don’t you rush,
Just do what feels right.”

It started

Our dance is the pop, lock, drop
That one-two step, shuffling left and right
When we’re home alone, with no thought we go
Just because this is our show

Our dance is the club fist pump
That dougie with swag, cat daddy down real fast
All night at home, it just pounds in my head
With the speakers maxed, dancing all over again

How to…Sleep

• bed
• pillow or two
• Blanket
LONG day


Admit it, after opening your eyes because true love’s kiss had broken you from your slumber, Sleeping Beauty just wants to go back to bed. True love’s kiss being your noisy alarm clock, aka mother, and Sleeping Beauty not being anything beautiful at all, just you and your groggy face responding with a defiant grunt.

Of course, you do get up eventually after hearing, “You’re going to be late for school!” which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you want the never-ending wrath of the two oppressors named Mom and Dad.

What comes next should be natural. Go to school and just go through the motions with the thought of going back to sleep plaguing you throughout the day.

When finally arriving home, throw your overweight bag to the side and plop yourself on your bed.

Project due first block the next day? “

“I’ll do it later.”

Send that important hōʻike nui PAL by midnight?

“I’ll do it later.”

Or maybe an article for that journalism class with outrageous time constraints?

“I’ll do it later.”

This next part should come easy. Once the dismissal of stupid school work has ended, close your eyes and relax. Breathe in and out. Don’t rush it. Just clear your mind and sleep will kick in when you least expect… – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

A Childhood Passion

This was a secret that I kept from everybody, even my parents. When I was just six years old, I had a deep fascination in – believe it or not – Jedi. The first time I watched those timeless Star Wars movies, I was snared by their sci-fi appeal. I wanted to be Yoda or an Obi-wan Kenobi. I wanted to turn on my light saber, causing it to sing brshmmm hum. I wanted that ability to leap over giant gaps. I wanted to swiftly sprint from place to place. I would unsheath my toy saber and flourish it around my house.

“Reid! You’re going to break something,” my mom would scream at me, threatening to ground me. I would collapse my toy and hide it under my bed to “train” another time. Maybe once a Jedi sensed my promise, they could take me away for training in using the force and the light saber.

As I grew up, I realized that none of it was real, and I could never be a Jedi. But I did realize that maybe we aren’t the only ones alone in the universe. I still have some hope to this day that I will visit that galaxy far, far away.

The Garden

Beyond the city of violence, murder, and sex; beyond the arid wasteland of solitary insanity; there lies my haven. I can almost reach it. Away from those who wish to do me harm. Away from those who would use me for their own personal gain. Away from the corrupt and lost race of mankind. There is no evil here; there is no sin. I am near peace. I can feel happiness’ sweet kiss brush me on the cheek. A lone wolf’s howl echoes in the distance to the heavens up above in the dark night sky. The roar of a waterfall reverberates against the borders of this oasis. The lake tempts me for a swim as if it was a pile of gold coins. Life thrives here. The rustling of the lush green leaves whispers with the wind. Even in all this darkness there still exists the light of the moon. I wish to be part of this paradise and all its wonders, but that dream is still far off. I will take it for what it is now and enjoy its presence until the day that I can be a part of that world.

Meditation on a Shell

As I gaze into the white hollow of a shell
First it is a pure canvas, waiting for the stroke of color
And then it feels like the bumpy ridges of a cliffside
And then I see a river, emptying into the sea
And then it becomes a clearing, surrounded by dark forests
And now it is a voice, whispering the tale of its history
And now it is labyrinth
And I am its cartographer

A Survival Dictionary

cats (n): 1. Agile four-legged beings that seem to have a hate for humans 2. Undercover assassins whose intent is to execute their “owners” 3. A race of felines that have had a war with dogs since the beginning of time. See: dogs

dogs (n): 1. Slobbery beasts that lick anything they can get their floppy tongues on 2. Four-footed mammals that smile and breathe loudly with their tongues hanging about while their tails sweep furiously back and forth whenever they see people 3. The sworn enemy of cats. See: cats

food (n): 1. What you need when your stomach shouts “grr!” throughout the day 2. What you are thinking about most of the time from 7:45 to 12:20 on school days 3. Something schools should start serving for lunch.
Sample sentence: “I need food because I am starving!”

journalism (n): 1. one of the most stressful jobs that you will even encounter 2. An unappreciated clan of writers who are rarely noticed for their work in spreading important happenings to the public 3. A job that you will need to dedicate your life to be anything, if adequate, at all. See: hell
Sample sentence: “Journalism is killing me!”
Synonyms: news
Antonyms: rumors

weird (adj): 1. a word used to describe the outcasts who will eventually become your dictator/boss/CEO 2. A classification used for anyone whose actions are different from yours
Sample sentence: “That guy is weird because he spends a lot of his time alone.”
Synonyms: strange, unique
Antonyms: normal

Cottage Cheese

“All right! Who ate the last of the cottage cheese?” My dad screamed furiously when he checked the refrigerator for a snack.

If there was anything my dad liked to eat with his fruit, it would be cottage cheese. We need to shop for more at least once a week because my dad loves it so much.

“Reid did it!” My little sister replied. I knew she was lying.

“I did not! I don’t even like cottage cheese!” I denied my sister’s false accusation. “If anyone had eaten the rest, it would’ve been Karly!”

“No I didn’t!”

“Yes you did! Stop lying!”

“I wasn’t even home today remember? I as at my friend’s house!” my sister confessed.

“Oh yeah, you were.” I said, guilty that I wrongly accused my sister of something she didn’t do.

“Why didn’t you just say that you ate the rest of the cottage cheese, Reid? You know that its not right to lie,” my dad asked with a sad voice.

“But I didn’t eat your cottage cheese, Dad!” I retorted. I was telling him the truth.

“Now I don’t have any cottage cheese thanks to you. Reid doesn’t love the daddy because he always eats the cottage cheese,” my dad whined in a playful manner.

“Check behind the box of cereal, Honey,” my mom told my dad in a casual manner as she walked past the three of us while reading her favorite book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

My dad moved the box and sure enough, there was a container of his cottage cheese.

“Oh there it is. Why did you have to hide it from me, Reid?” my dad asked jokingly.

“Oh my gosh…” I sighed.

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