Saturday Lifeguard

This is a collaborative story written by Anuhea and Melia.

Kids swarmed all around me, jumping like resltess frogs in and out of the water. Geez, I hate Saturdays!

Being a lifeguard (part time) can be a very stressful job at times. During the week is not so bad, mostly swim teams and old people go to the community pool. But, on the weekds, children from all over come.

There was this kid, a little chubby boy who always wears the same swim trunks every weekend. He’s been coming to the pool for about a year now so he is practically a regular.

As I was scanning the poolside, I noticed something strange floating in the water. I got my binoculars to take a better look and immediately recognized the mysterious floating object. It was the boy’s neon orange swim trunks. In my head I was bursting with laughter. I scanned the pool to try to find the boy, but he was nowhere in sight, so I climbed off my lifeguard chair and immediately went to grab the floating trunks.

As I swam back to the edge, swim trunks in hand, I spotted a large white figure on my lifeguard chair. It was him! The chubby boy had wrapped my red rescue tube around his…area…and was sitting my chair like he owned the place!

I quickly jumped out of the water and knocked the boy off my chair and grabbed my tube. He then lay naked on the pool deck embarassed and exposed. He never came back to the pool.

Geez, I hate Saturdays!

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