This Is a Poem That Thrives

By Michael

 This is a poem that thrives,

In the dark depths of your subconscious,

That all inner self doubt lingers and loiters, eating your dreams alive

Because they don’t want you to succeed

Because they say you’re too small, too short, too slow, too weak, fragile, afraid, shy, and unfit for the challenge at hand.

And when you stab this evil voice in your soul to kill all self doubt,

You feel the rush of victory, the adrenaline of success, the inner self peace knowing you did not give up on yourself.

This is a poem that thrives, that inspires, that guides your pen to writing, creating a fulfilled life.

This poem lives in everybody’s dreams; it lives among us waiting to be written.

It lives and waits to be hammered, to reborn the cloud in your head, onto this graveyard for the broken, for the lost desires.

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