by Keapo, Sai, Ariel, Kanoa, and Keanu

It was a satin dress with a flared skirt that skimmed the knees. Lavender-colored and tight down to the waist, her satin dress. That was his reason. His reason for noticing her. His reason for chasing after her.

The lady noticed him chasing her and therefore was dumbfounded about whether she did something bad. So, she ran. The guy kept running and running until he lost sight of her.

The lady curled up in a ball in the tunnel at a playground. She sat there for what seemed like forever, and looked to her left only to find a little girl. This little girl had brown, curly hair that just touched her shoulders, and big hazel eyes surrounded by lone eyelashes – a smile that lit up the world.  She looked like she was lost.

The man eventually reached the playground and located her hiding spot. The man told the lady he was sorry, but he was a psychic and knew she was the one who would help him find his daughter. He didn’t mean to scare her, but he didn’t think she’d believe him if he told her the truth.

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