by Kayani

“What is this mysterious creature, a man?

He is what the world makes of him

And though he struggles as hard as he can,

He’s carved by destiny’s every whim”


“In the face of odds found insurmountable,

He may wallow in his despair”

“And yet for reasons unaccountable,

Man finds hope in every where”


“Committing horrors to cling to life,

 He would steal from others, their breath!”

“But in order to save his loved ones from strife,

He goes willingly to his death”


“Man is evil! Surely you see

That humanity loves to hate!”

“Our eyes also find mankind’s kindness, and me?

I say redemption may still be their fate”


“So though he may find it a difficult task

A man is defined by what is inside

And so it is to you that we ask,

‘What is this mysterious creature, a man?’

You are the one to decide”

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