Lighter Fluid

by Gabrielle

I asked, “What is your problem?”
You said, “I wish I knew.”
My life was filled with color,
yet yours lacked any hue.
So I said, “Let’s adventure,
and find what sets you free.”
You shook your head and claimed
you lacked the curiosity.

Then I bought you a puzzle,
but you only kept one piece.
I found the rest, thrown away,
my heart began to crease.

I asked, “How can I help you?”
You gave me a flat gaze,
and said, “Leave me alone,
I find comfort in my haze.”

Then I turned away defeated.
No words were left to say.
I was vitality and brilliance,
You were bland and gray.

I found your note this morning,
it said that you were fine.
It said you’d found adventure,
and you were about to shine.

This was not what I meant,
when I preached curiosity.
You wrote, “I’m drinking lighter fluid,
let’s see where that takes me.”

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