The Hidden Gift of a NIghtmare


by Cruz

“Ring-a-ding-ding” goes the sound of the bell hanging on the rusty handle as I open the door of this old café. The sudden dark of the room makes my eyes take a few seconds to adjust. I rub my eyes and slowly look up while following the lines on a red striped dress to perhaps the most stunning waitress I’ve ever seen. A young blonde woman with blue eyes that could sway any man in the world without even trying.

“Right this way,” she says in an infatuating voice. I follow her all the way to the last booth at the end of the café. While walking, I look at the walls to see dusty old pictures and newspapers, from what looked to be two-hundred years ago.

“Is this ok, sir?” she says while putting the menu on the table.

“It’s perfect,” I reply softly. I sit down and move myself all the way to the inside of the booth. Being surprised by the dusty filth, I scan the room to familiarize myself with this interesting café.

The first thing I see in the very corner of the room is an old broken T.V. with frozen colors that look unpleasant. My eyes jump out of their sockets when I see a large, old, wrinkly dog lying down nearly a few feet in front of me. It isn’t moving at all until I give a short whistle. Then one eye opens ever so slowly with the weight of its age, then closes. Looking back down, I notice the menu right in front of me. I open the menu to see burgers, fries, pancakes, and steak as the only things on there. “Click clack.” The waitress’s high heels made it easy to know when she was coming.

“May I take your order sir?” She says while taking out her pen and note pad. I clear my throat and say, “I’ll have the burger and fries, I guess.”

“Coming right up sweetie,” she says, while looking me up and down. The way she holds herself and the sound of her voice have me enamored instantly.

Smiling as I think to myself, I find myself dying of live boredom. I wake myself up from daydreaming to adjust my blurred vision. When I focus my eyes, I spot an old jukebox at the end of the room. I stand up and walk over to the box. The list of songs is very unfamiliar to me. “Hmm, I think I’ll just pick a random one.” I say to myself. I close my eyes and pick the first song that comes up. I press play, and it plays an old rock and roll song. Closing my eyes, I sway my head and bite my bottom lip in enjoyment as I make my way back to my booth. As I sit back down, I notice an old woman sitting in the booth in front of me. How did I not see her before? I think to myself. She is facing the other way, so I can’t see her face. Curiosity strikes my mind. Then, the power goes out.

“Is anyone there? Hello?” I shout. But no one answers. Sitting in pure darkness, I huddle myself in the corner of my booth to protect my negative thoughts. All of a sudden, I see the T.V. turn on all the way at the end of the hallway. The same T.V. that I thought was broken has a picture of an old lady in a nightgown on it. My body fills itself with terrified nerves. I then feel a slight breeze graze across my left arm. I couldn’t move a muscle even if I tried. It’s like something has taken my ability to move out of my body. I close my eyes even though I can’t see anything.

The lights flicker a few times before I can even open them. As I see the last pink ray of light shine through my eyelids, I open my eyes the same time as the light turns on. What I see sitting down right next to me is the old woman from the T.V.! Her eyes roll back and fill themselves with white dripping with black tears, her wrinkly face sags down past her butt chin. Then, the light flickers again. But this time, when it turns back on, I can’t believe my eyes. She is on the table, bent over backwards with her teeth stretched out and sharpened by the devil.

“AHHHHHH!” I scream in terror. She jumps and sticks onto the ceiling, looks back at me, and makes the highest pitched sound I’ve ever heard. The sound turns my hearing into a constant buzzing noise. I press my palms against my eardrums while clenching my teeth so hard that I begin to taste blood. The lights then flicker again, but this time, when it turns back on, the blonde waitress’s head is on a plate in front of me.

“AHHH!” I scream disgustedly. Emotions grab ahold of me as I curl up into a ball and look down at the waitresses chopped off head. She was so beautiful and sweet. “Wife material” some may say. Then, red hot anger rises from within my body. My face begins to transform into something I’ve never seen before. My eyebrows begin to form a stiff, furious look. I close my mouth to hide what lies within it; a cringing smirk, flexing my jaw muscles till they cramp. That’s when my confidence level created its own booster. I was ready to exterminate the old woman.

Being aware of my surroundings, I stand up out of the booth. With the lights still on, I make my way to the wall and put my back against it. As I look around, while being cautious, I feel an object touching my right hand. I look down to see a sledgehammer leaning up against the wall. I grab ahold of it just in time as the lights turn off. “Be calm.” I say to myself. The lights turn back on for a second, and the first thing I see is the old demon woman running at me full speed from the other end of the café. “AHH HEEE!” The old lady screams as she runs. She’s coming quick, so I have to make my move fast! In perfect timing, I lift up the large hammer and slam it down right in the middle of the demon’s head. “TUNK! SPLAAT!” As the large, heavy hammer flattens her skull, it splatters thick blood all over the creation.

With blood all over me, and a dead, crazy old woman in front of me, I know I need to make a run for it. Zooming out of this demonized café is the only thing on my mind. I take one last look around and book it to the door, avoiding the dead bodies on the floor and almost slipping on the thick red blood. I kick the door open with all of my might and run straight into a herd of police officers, pointing their guns at me. “Put your hands up! Get on your knees! Stay there!” They shout repetitively with great anger. In shock, the first thing that comes to mind is to run for it. But, as soon as I take my first step, “Sink!” One of the police officers shoots a tranquilizer into my right arm. My vision begins to darken, and I drop to my knees in sorrow. “Ahhh!” I scream loudly. Then, I drop down to the ground as If I were a rag doll. “I-i-i-t w-wasn’t m-m-me.” I scramble to say.

Before I disappear into the tranquilizer’s sleeping serum that is spreading throughout my veins, I see a ghost of the beautiful blonde waitress standing behind the angry crowd of police officers. Being unable to move or talk, she says the best thing, “Just, let go, it’s easier that way.” While smiling, she tells me to close my eyes and join her.

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