As You Wish

by Mariana

Like most children I spent the earlier part of my days drooling over shows some fancy producer had deemed appropriate for holding our short and wandering attention spans. Yet, even as a child, nothing I saw had even an ounce of creative appeal to me. While other children were proudly declaring what they wanted to be when they grew up, I was stuck wondering if anything good would even show up. That is, until one fated afternoon, when I came across The Princess Bride. With princesses, castles, pirates, and riveting adventure packed into one disc, I suddenly knew: I wanted to be a princess.

It called to me like that bowl of Cookie Crisps had called to me earlier that morning. Most children my age shouldn’t have truly been able to grasp the concept of the movie, yet, you wouldn’t be able to tell by the look on my face. I nearly knocked the table over as I ran toward the TV. Eyes wide, mouth agape, and fingers pointing, I shouted, “It’s Princess Buttercup! It’s Princess Buttercup!” As you can probably tell, she was a big deal. Wait, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of her… no? Well, let me tell you. Princess Buttercup was the most amazing princess there ever was. She was not born a princess, and I think that’s part of why I fell in love with her. She was kind and just and fair and smart, everything a proper lady should be, yet, she was merely a commoner. My mind raced as she went from simple commoner to royal princess adorned with all kinds of wealth and splendor. If she can go from nothing to something, then so can I!  I thought to myself. At the time, I lived in a tiny village with almost nothing in between for miles, so it’s safe to say, I could relate.

Yet, it wasn’t just the titles and pretty dresses that drew me to admire her. No. It was her courage. Through everything she faced she was brave and strong. She wasn’t merely a damsel in distress, but held her own, in a very different but all the more inspiring way. So, as her story came to an end and the credits rolled out, I knew that her story hadn’t really ended. It would live on through the courage and bravery I tried to carry with me, strong as pieces of armor.  For what is a princess, if not kind, and fair, and just, and smart? And above all, brave.

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