Who Ate the Cottage Cheese?

(This is a collaborative story written by four different people.)

“All right! Who ate the last of the cottage cheese? Listen here, Jeffery, that was grade-A cheese from Italy! I spent years tracking dow that hole-in-the-wall store…and for what? For you to eat it with some $3 pack of Ritz crackers…uh…I don’t think so! You’re going to pay Jeff. You’re really gonna pay!”

Jeff ran out of the store. I chased him down the alley, hopped over trash cans and fences, dodged a few police cars, and still couldn’t catch him. I finally yelled, “This is not over, Jeff!” I tried to catch my breath as Jeff disappeared.

Furious, I paced back home. “Stupid Jeffery,” I thought. “How could he be so inconsiderate?” I spent years trying to find that cheese, and now — just like that — it’s gone.

At home, I sat down aimlessly. All I could think about was that gosh darn Italian cheese! And then, just when I’d decided to cut Jeff off for good, I heard a “baaa,” and I saw the cheese-eater, Jeff, standing beside this cute little goat.

“For you, to make all the cheese you want!” he said.

At that point, I could forgive Jeff for what he had done. He did more than apologize for the original cheese; he allowed me to have as much cheese as I want. Thanks, Jeff.

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