An Endless Dream

by Prince

The memory of my childhood is something that I would never forget about, the days of being an innocent, carefree child. It was an absolute dream that would go on forever and ever. Lounging was my favorite, of course, lying down and taking a nap anytime, holding my pillow as close as I could to my body and hiding under the blanket like closing the curtains on a stage. Cutting the light from everything, filling and surrounding myself with the still of darkness. I never wanted to do anything, nothing dangerous and nothing unexpected; all I wanted was lie on my bed and close my eyes. I fell asleep on my cloud-like pillow holding it and pressing my hand on it, just thinking that this could never end, pulling my blanket and covering myself like a shield blocking all the elements thrown at me, feeling the warmth of a flame that just never died out. I would always fixate on staring at the moon as it moved throughout night like how a kid would stare at his favorite cartoon show, having the moonlight rays shine on me, and at each second feeling the light move across my face. And while the fair breeze blew as though they were dancing in night, I could even taste the salt from the breeze that was from what I could call the silent sea that was not far from my house. As time passed with the moon moving through the sea of stars, I slowly closed my eyes with no doubt about anything whatsoever because everything was perfect just the way it was.

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