Hot Stuff

by Hiʻilei

Tuesday night, home late from work
Creeping in quietly
Up the stairs I go to bed
To snuggle my girlfriend silently

Each step I take I hear a noise
Not from me or my feet
But from the bedroom across the hall
Where I lay my head to sleep

My girlfriend in her birthday suit
On top a big, bronze man
Surprised to see me home tonight
I turned around and ran

Next morning I receive a text
“I’m sorry, forgive me” and such
She was the love of my life
But maybe not so much

Revenge, the only simple answer
With this mess I will be done

A dinner date next weekend
Will surely be much fun

On the Internet, I search hard
For an ingredient that makes heads spin
A cheap price suits me well
For this slight, little sin

I made for her a lovely soup
And smiled with joy too much
Before the meal was completed
I added an extra touch

Anticipating her first slurp
I watch with a devious smile
She swallows, satisfied with her meal
And then her face goes wild

Hawaiian chili peppers
The hottest of its kind
Taught an important lesson:
Cheating- it will never cross her mind

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