I Had A…

By the entire class

I had a cow, she was super cute
Too bad she was quiet, like she was on mute
She’s green and blue and she is my world
We went to a ball and danced and twirled.
I had a peacock that was quite pretty,
But she always said her feathers were itty bitty
Even though I always told her that was a real beauty
She would sit in the corner alone, just being moody.
I had a turtle that was sweet
She was the most angelic one you’d ever meet
But she always had her head in the sky
Because she was very, very shy.
I had a dog, boy was she great,
But geckos were the only thing that she ate
She refused to eat unless she was hand fed
And would turn away if the gecko wasn’t dead.
I had a mini narwhal, it was totally amazing,
I keep it in a little tank, but couldn’t get it to stop poking;
I would like it to stay little forever,
And that would be my life’s endeavor.
I had a lion that thought he was a pony
Prancing around with this unicorn named Tony
It killed me to see a fierce animal so lame
Why, oh why, does he have to put me to shame?
I had a panda that made me smile.
He was silly like a child.
I named him Peter, as in Pan.
And we stayed young, hand in hand.
I had a tiger, that was always sleeping,
But she knows how to keep dreaming;
She always wanted to catch her prey.
She never could, so she prays.
I had a warthog, it was stink.
She dragged me to the skating rink.
And took my skates so I would fall.
Then made me buy her cocoa at the mall.
 I had a unicorn, that was really great,
I loved it and I had to appreciate
That whenever i wanted to fly on her back
She would kindly let me, and that’s a fact.
I had a giraffe, who didn’t like baths,
He was quite lazy and had an irritating laugh;
One day he scared me with such a fright,
That I just wanted to eat him in one big bite!
I had a dinosaur, that was cute and fun,
He was like a little puppy except weighed a ton;
We would play all day and all night,
Until one day a mouse gave him a fright.
I had a porcupine, that was a mess,
But as time went by he had to confess;
He was a super agent spy
That once worked with an amazing fly.
I had a liger that was my friend
He would lie on the car ‘til it would bend
And now he’s the only friend I have
Because he bit the rest in half.
I had a monkey, that was a mistake.
He never wanted to stay in one place.
He climbed onto the cupboards and broke all the dishes.
He dropped a knife on my foot and I had to get stitches.
I had a whale, which was pretty okay,
But I couldn’t hear what he wanted to say;
The poor little guy, so timid and frail.
Hello out there! How is your whale?
I had a meerkat that was quite mean,
He ate all my fish as a part of his evil scheme.
I finally kicked him out of my house,
So he decided to leave me a fat dead mouse.
I had a ferret that was furry
His favorite food was chicken curry
But one day, he decided to run away
And took the curry with him, to my dismay.
Oh animals, dear friends, troublesome links,
A worthy investment, so everyone thinks.
A fire, a flood, a hole in the wall;
The troubles you bring are nothing too small.

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