Meditation on a Shell

by Lacey
My little shell so gray and plain
You sit there immobile and flat
But if you should get drowned by rain
You won’t be bothered by that.
You’re like my family, I think
We may not look like much
But even if to the depths we sink
Each others’ lives we touch.
My little shell, you are a Sanddollar
And I smile at your name
I think of two red, one white, and one black collar For my doggies’ breed name is the same.
Underneath, in your middle
You have an orange glow
Although at first you can’t see it, like a riddle It’s still there, I know.
You have five points, my Sanddollar shell Like a cartoon star You’re as much as we make you, so I’ll make you well So you will go far.
You’re so round and small
You fit in the palm of my hand
Like the world, you will fall
If those who control reduce you to sand.
Your slits which I can see through
Are like five teensy windows
I see a little of what’s inside, it’s true But the majority- nobody knows.
My little shell, so gray and plain
The rest might leave you lying
Although amongst the shells, you might be the bane I’m proud to call you mine.

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