January 7, 2010 Untitled

by Breana, Ruben, Levi, and Kelsey

     As the troubles and complications of today fall away into nothing, the steady rock of a mother soothing her child brings me into a new reatlity. An eternal blue, cool and deep. As eyes open into this peaceful moment, I am in the ocean. Drifting steadily into the unknown. A calming rhythm begins to form. Pushing me back and forth. The never-ending abyss seems to brighten.

     There is a shimmer of light far off into the distance. Blind faith draws me nearer to this light. My heart begins to race as the waves begin to get stronger and stronger and pull me further away from this light of Hope. I begin to weim, kniowing if I don’t try to fight the waves, I will forever be lost to the dark depths of the ocean or a meal to the creatures of the deep blue.

     My thoughts continue to race as I begin to swim and kick faster to reach the light and set aside my thoughts. Through this time, the light becomes closer and brighter. Each stroke of my arms and kick of my legs becomes stronger. My eyes are focused on victory in the light of hope. “Just one more kick,” I think to myself as darkness becomes a thing of the past.

     Finally, I close my eyes and make one last push of energy as my head surfaces the water. I gasp for air and breathe deeply because I know that I am safe and free from death’s grasp.

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