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Diving Into Valentine’s Day with the FISH!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! So much to do, so little time in the day… Congrats to our 5B “FIN”alists Kerilyn and Kūhaʻo for representing our class well bright and early this morning at our Lamakū Speech Festival!  Kerilyn shared that it … Continue reading

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The Judges Have Voted…Lamakū Finalist are Chosen!

Hoʻomaikaʻi to Kerilyn and Kūhaʻo for doing a great job of sharing  your argument speeches with us!  These two will be representing the 5B FISH! at the Annual Kula Haʻahaʻa Lamakū Speech Festival on Wed., Feb. 14th!  They will be … Continue reading

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What Is Our Kuleana?

*UPDATED 2/2/18 @8:20pm:  Comments have been posted, click on bar to see all the learning going deeper!   Assignment deadline has passed…if you havenʻt posted, work is considered late. Answer the following in complete sentences and/or paragraphs.  Complete your answers … Continue reading

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The 5B MathemaFISH!ans are at it Again!

This time, the 5B MathemaFISH!ans are diving into saving Christmas!  Well, at least your electricity bill!   We found a news article in Thursdays Hi-Tribune Herald “Electric Costs Could Make Holiday Spirits Less Bright” and turned it into a REAL-WORLD … Continue reading

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Busted #5: Leigh Ann Takes Notetaking to a New Level

Students were learning a new strategy of note taking a few weeks ago in class that focused on using illustrations and little icons along with words, called Sketchnoting.  We discussed how these quick illustrations, words, using different fonts, and different … Continue reading

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Genius Hour Inquiry Project in Full Swing

Students have been working on their self-selected Genius Hour Inquiry project today in class.  They are in the process of researching information on a topic of their passion!  Everyone chose a topic on what they wanted to learn more about … Continue reading

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What is FISH!opolis? Hmmm, I Wonder?

Aloha Kakahiaka kaʻu Iʻa! Capture your thoughts in 3-5 sentences & post it to comments. Offer proof/evidence for your thoughts.  Prior to hitting the reply button, please revise and edit your work!  Best work is required here.  We will be … Continue reading

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Our Inquiry Project & Writing

Our inquiry project into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana has evolved into great writing now!  The haumāna have been continuing to go deeper into seeking out more information on their journey to learn how natural disasters, like hurricanes impact … Continue reading

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Our Inquiry Continues…

The students have been hard at work on their inquiry into how hurricanes impact people as we watch, read, & research the devastation it brings.  We learn with a heavy heart and send our thoughts and prayers for all who … Continue reading

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Makawalu 2017: Oceans Apart…Facing Change

The haumåna of Papa ‘Elima have been diligently working, researching, revising, meeting deadlines, and creating for months in preparation of our capstone project which showcased learning through the years at Kula Ha’aha’a.  This year’s theme, “Makawalu:  Ocean’s Apart…Facing Change,” focused … Continue reading

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