What Is Our Kuleana?

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Answer the following in complete sentences and/or paragraphs.  Complete your answers in the comment section of THIS post.

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PARAGRAPH #1:    1)Why was Flipgrid created?  By Whom? 2) What is the mission of Flipgrid, how do you know this?  3) What happens at Flipgrid headquarters when someone has an issue?  4) Share an olelo noeʻau that would describe our skype w/Adam.  Explain why you chose it.

PARAGRAPH #2:  5) Describe what Ito shared about What is a leader?  6) Name a way Ito says is a way to show aloha  7)  Why does Ito tell us to find inspiration where we are..to explore other cultures & learn from it?  Explain in sentences

PARAGRAPH #3: 8) Name the olelo noeʻau that Uncle Kawika shared with us and explain why he shared it.  9)  Uncle Kawika shared his kuleana in acrostic poem form.  Of all the letters, which one is the most important to you?  Explain your answer.  10)  Uncle Kawika says that we need to teach the next generation?  Explain why.

11)  Uncle Skibbs told us, “Donʻt let anyone____ ____ ____!”

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