The 5B MathemaFISH!ans are at it Again!

Hapa loves the lights! Over 1,000 twinkling!

This time, the 5B MathemaFISH!ans are diving into saving Christmas!  Well, at least your electricity bill!   We found a news article in Thursdays Hi-Tribune Herald “Electric Costs Could Make Holiday Spirits Less Bright” and turned it into a REAL-WORLD math problem!  Can we “Deck the Halls?”  Ever wondered how much additional $$ it takes to have those Christmas lights twinkling bright in your home?  Will $40 extra $$ be enough to keep Hapa happily watching those twinkling light?  Well, the FISH! are here to help as they TEAM to find out!  They are using the article to collect information to calculate it!  This article is also being used for reading and writing as we search for facts that will turn into a persuasive writing! 🙂 Stay tuned, theyʻll even be projecting the cost for next year!  I love the holidays!  So much excitement in the air filled with joy, peace, love, and LEARNING!  Go on, dig out your copy of Thursdays paper and join us to solve! The MathemaFISH!ans get those brain cells ablaze!  Not an easy task, but together, we can!  Join us as we do math in the real world!  Math is everywhere!

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