“Shock and Awe!” One MILLION word goal update…

One final post for the 5B FISH! Class of 2020… You may be too young to remember the saying “Shock and Awe” but this saying is so fitting and relevant in this case! The school year began with my announcement of a team goal in reading. We will be challenging ourselves to read ONE MILLION WORDS each! Mouths hung open in disbelief, fixed mindsets were banging on a stone wall, & no, meta was NOT bettah…YET! Students and Ohana were in “shock!”

The year continued…as students learned about different genres (more than fiction & non-fiction), adopted new favorites genres and books, shared their reading with teammates, learned new grade-appropriate words, learned about metacognitive awareness, began thinking about their thinking…and “boom”-huge mindset evolution! Students were determined, exhibited grit, & hoʻomauʻd (persevered). As the year progressed, ”teamwork” gained momentum! Itʻs always better with a friend(s)…students discussed, summarized, predicted, inferred, compared, & critiqued books! Iʻd hear book discussions happening, see sharing of books from class & home, and notice the newly discovered vocabulary being spoken (and written)!

Here comes the “Awe!” 21 out of 24 students met the ONE MILLION WORD reading goal for this year!! I totally believe if we were together, it would have been a historical year (in a positive way) as all 24 would have met the team goal! A few were thisclose! With the “swim strong with me, hiki no mindset”…Collectively as a team, the 5B FISH! read a total of 826 books = 29, 500,000 words TOGETHER! I am so proud of all of our 24 students who “swam strong,”…Together, we displayed that we CAN challenge ourselves, we CAN jump out of our comfort zones w/a positive mindset, we CAN climb out of the box to inspire others, and we DID amaze ourselves! Kīpaipai… you are an inspiration! I am in ʻAWE!” Continue the “swim” with a growth mindset, being meta, and always sharing your aloha! A hui hou kaʻu iʻa! Happy Summer to you all!

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A Hui Hou, Ka’u I’a

Decided to create one last video of our F2F meetings & more for you! From our last week together…sending you all a fond a hui hou! As this year, 2020, will forever be embedded in our minds and history…you will forever be embedded on my heart! Have a wonderful summer! Go out and make great Ohana memories, be pono, be safe, and share your aloha! I’ll miss you all! Remember…Continue the Swim! Let Summer Officially Begin!

One Last Message…One Last Laugh, TOGETHER!

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Continuing the Swim…Upstream! What a Historical Year!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Our mantra this year…”Work Hard to Play Hard! That we did! Here’s a glimpse of our short time together this year! From team building, to getting meta, to learning fractions of all kinds, addressing our essential question-What is our Kuleana, to becoming alaka’i lawelawe, & most importantly, sharing aloha…we did it, TOGETHER!

Wishing you all a fabulous new journey as you swim “upstream” to Kula Waena. I’ll surely miss your smiles, your energy, your enthusiam for learning, and most of all your kind hearts! Come visit when school commences, hugs are free! Here’s our journey through the year, videos that capture our your learning in hopes that it brings great memories to mind… smile, cheer, and enjoy…have a wonderful summer! Bidding you a fond a hui hou ka’u i’a! Much Love to you all!

Always remember, swim strong to finish strong!

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Project Kahiau 2.0: A Message of Mahalo for our HEROES

Sending a message of MAHALO for our Essential Workers

Apr. 28, 2020

Throughout the year, students & I have focused our learning around the essential question of ʻWhat is OUR kuleana?’ What is our responsibility as 5th graders, as students of Kamehameha Schools, as Hawaiians, and as Global citizens?

We were “on 3rd base(3rd trimester), ready to race for home plate when…March rolls around and…Here comes the “biggest curve ball” we will see in our lifetime! All things “normal” gets thrown out and our new normal became the stay at home order.

The students & I quickly shift our “game plan”, how we approach the target, while still keeping an eye on the ball. Distance learning class begins, we asked ourselves, “What Can 5th graders do during this time while we stay at home to beat down that COVID curve?” “Can we do anything?” “How do we stay in the game” from home? We read & saw so much of this scary disease and the devastation it was causing in our world, BUT we also saw the many examples of people extending kindness and aloha too. We decided that it is our time to “step up to the plate” and put our learning into action! ‘O kēia manawa…Now is the time! Project Kahiau 2.0. becomes part of our new playbook! Kahaiau – The Hawaiian value to give of yourself without any expectation of return.

The students brainstormed in numerous Zoom sessions how they could make a difference in the world and answer that question of what is our kuleana? They came up with the idea to MAHALO our essential workers-THE HEROES on the front line. They had “team meetings” to collaborate & strategize, create, generate, and “deliver” speeches. They revised, figured out what is important to include…now it was time for us to get “in the fight!” I mana leo…Let your voice be heard!

We want the Warriors on the front line to know that our Kamehameha Hawaiʻi Warriors, stand in solidarity with you and send our sincerest mahalo for all that you do!

Hear our message of thanks, and share it with an essential worker to let them know that the we mahalo their strength resilience, and sacrifice in this critical moment in our one world. We watch in awe as they tirelessly share Shaka aloha! Keep “swinging for the fence” as we do our part at home by “cheering you on!”

“Fifth graders can make a difference, one heart at a time! Fifth graders can do something to lift up the Warriors on the front lines.” This project allowed us to take a “big swing” into understanding that our collective voices can impact our world and may encourage others to do the same in a positive way during these trying times. Mahalo Heroes! “We’re Staying in the Fight”…Until “this Fight is Finished!” Share a Shaka with aloha….

Kurt Suzuki: World Series Champion and Local Boy from Maui

“The students and I couldn’t have executed this “game plan” vision without the fantastic tech talents of Uncle Jason who worked tirelessly compiling the final product.” Teamwork at its finest! Go Team 5B Go! E Hana pūalu kākou!! TOGETHER, WE CAN!

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The 5B FISH! Swimming into our Virtual Classroom…TOGETHER!

Happy Together! Sharing “Shaka Aloha!”
Smiles for Miles!

Week #1 of virtual learning almost in the history books as Friday is fast approaching! Here’s a Flashback to August…Teamwork is our focus as we work together to “BE PONO, BE ALOHA, BE ALAKA’I!” We learn about 5th grade requirements, practice, & persevere as one team to be Meta…E nanalu too!

Flash Forward a number of months…As we ended trimester #2 and began trimester #3 before spring break, 96% of us met our 9 genre reading goal, we demonstrated alaka’i lawelawe (Servant leadership & being alaka’i) with Project Kahiau, & we got so meta that we were able and willing to lift each other up in class as we worked hard then played hard, TOGETHER! So, we discussed taking E Nanalu to the next level..Ho’o Nanalu. Ho’o, to put it into action!

Flash a few days forward…Coronavirus hits, we’re all at home trying to “flatten that curve and beat it down”, & virtual learning is about to begin…I begin the mad dash to learn how to teach virtually-Seesaw, Zoom, searching desks to collect materials for packets, planning lessons, researching, creating directions sheets that students can understand, anticipating questions that students may have, pretty much going bonkers! All the while, keeping the faith that as one team, TOGETHER, WE CAN!

Flash Now…Ohana graciously tag team w/us and we are ready to ride the “wave!” The students rock the tech, surf the swells in our virtual classroom, are happy to see each other, create personal schedules at home, shoot me emails with clarifying questions, submit assignments by due dates, and make me smile! They are so ho’o nanalu as we try new things in our virtual class meetings, they are respectful, patient, helpful, & even voluntarily take turns to lead! What more can a teacher ask for…Teamwork at its finest, we are one team! See photos above, priceless! I believe, You believe, We all BELIEVE Together. Mahalo to Ohana 5B for believing! Team 5B will continue to ‘SWIM STRONG!’

P.S. Students: Please send me a photo of yourself working from home. Please ask Ohana for help to take it. Still waiting for a bunch more. Mahalo to those who already submitted it. Want all of you to be in the video that I am making 🙂

P.S.S. Feel free to post a comment, by clicking the comment button below 🙂

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3-2-1 Lift Off! 5B FISH! Get Ready to Launch…

Get read to “Dive” into our Virtual Class…

Here we go! Getting ready to launch our distance learning program at Kula Ha’aha’a! I am so excited to see all the creation and preparation go into the ho’o mode! Action mode! Can’t wait to welcome you back to class…our new VIRTUAL class 🙂

Just a friendly reminder to Team 5B that we are having our 1st meeting tomorrow! Please check your email for the time and details! :). It is also posted on SeeSaw for your convenience. Don’t forget your earphones :). See ya all tomorrow ka’u i’a! Stay happy, Stay safe, and Stay healthy!

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Lamakū: To Shine Your Light…

The students have all worked so hard to select a topic that was a passion, do research, write & revise, and practice sharing the persuasive writing to teammates! Congrats to the above 5 semi-finalists who represented 5B with guest judges and Papa ʻElima peers. Out of the 5 semi-finalists from each class…only 2 advance :). Hoʻomaikaʻi to Makoa and Kamaka for taking their persuasive topics to the great stage at Lunalilo Hale! Finals tomorrow! (Wed., Feb. 26 @8:00am) Looking forward to cheering on teammate Iopa who will be an MC at this kulawide event 🙂

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5B Continues the Journey to “Swim Strong!”

Mahalo Ohana 5B!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend making priceless ohana memories together! Sending out a friendly reminder that Project Kahiau is due on Wed., Feb. 19th. Many students have already completed this self-selected passion project with the partnership of ohana beginning in December. Haumāna were instructed to document this alakaʻi lawelawe project with photos and/or video from beginning to end (implementation). Photos and/or videos are due in class 2/19/20.

Mahalo for all the ohana support as students worked to prepare, plan, and implement these projects that make a difference in our world by sharing the ALOHA! The students will be continuing the “swim” by finalizing their projects to share with all of you in class. 5th graders CAN CHANGE THE WORLD, ONE HEART AT A TIME!

5th Graders CAN Change the World, One Heart at a Time!!
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Letʻs Hear it for the Boys!

Yes! More FISH! Swim into the Genre Gold club! As you see, membership is growing on a daily basis! As I type, 96% of the students are on target to make the 9 genre goal by this Friday! 4% can attain the target by striving and continuing over the weekend! We work together as ONE TEAM! Weʻre shooting for 100% meeting target for Trimester #2. #OTOD! We uplift each other.

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Another Genre Gold Member

One more team member hits target!

Hoʻomaikaʻi for a job well done! Another one of our team continued to hoʻomau to hit the target of reading 9 different genres for the trimester! Love it that haumāna are continuing to push and stretch and believe that they can do it if they put their minds to it! Atta way to continue the swim!! Friendly reminder to ohana, genre deadline is Mon., Feb. 10 which includes completion of presentations. Reminder to the 5B FISH!…donʻt wait until the last minute as we present one at a time on the last day as we discussed in class on numerous occassion.

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