What is FISH!opolis? Hmmm, I Wonder?

Aloha Kakahiaka kaʻu Iʻa!

Capture your thoughts in 3-5 sentences & post it to comments. Offer proof/evidence for your thoughts.  Prior to hitting the reply button, please revise and edit your work!  Best work is required here.  We will be discussing this at morning meeting then you will complete this assignment.  🙂

**UPDATED Nov. 20:  Ka’u I’a:  Click on the comments tab below and read the great thoughtful comments from your team!  Love the way all of you synthesized this question with your prior knowledge! Great job of making meaning! Create a reply to a teammate’s comment and post it!  We will be discussing this new project upon my return to class on Wed., Nov. 22!  We will also be discussing our FISH!mates project too! 

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