Makawalu 2017: Oceans Apart…Facing Change

The haumåna of Papa ‘Elima have been diligently working, researching, revising, meeting deadlines, and creating for months in preparation of our capstone project which showcased learning through the years at Kula Ha’aha’a.  This year’s theme, “Makawalu:  Ocean’s Apart…Facing Change,” focused on paralleling Hawaiian & US History student-selected inquiry projects during the lifetime of Kamehameha the Great! (1750-1820).  Why Makawalu?  The hawaiian word Makawalu translates to 8 eyes…being able to look at things from multiple perspectives!   Students collected information, always using multiple lenses…focusing on many points of view!

Students created “a day in the museum” exhibit with multiple forms of sharing new ‘ike (knowledge): feature articles, perspective & poetry writing, infopics, collages, picture books, videos, interactive technology, art, made games, built artifacts, fabulous time period costumes, and so much more! Each student also took into consideration their audience by differentiating interactive activities for K-2, 3-4, adult guests while sharing information from the perspective of someone from our past!  As in the movie, history came alive for the keiki in K-4, faculty and staff, & ohana as the 5th graders did 6 presentations over the course of 2 days!  Each presentation began with oli and mele…see below to be a part of the experience!  Mahalo to “Mr. Techie” Uncle Jason, Kumu Kanoe & Miss Campbell-our fabulous EAs, and most importantly…to Ohana 5B, for your consistent, unwavering aloha & support to help “our” keiki THRIVE!

Learning from our past to move into our future…using our ‘øiwi edge to ground us!  Great learning experience for our Papa ‘ALAKA’I!  You have earned the  right to lead!  Ho’omaika’i!  Enjoy the videos, Makawalu 2017: Oceans Apart…Facing Change is now in the memory books!

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