Our Inquiry Continues…

The students have been hard at work on their inquiry into how hurricanes impact people as we watch, read, & research the devastation it brings.  We learn with a heavy heart and send our thoughts and prayers for all who are in harms way.

As we gain ʻike through our inquiry, the students are now addressing the “NOW WHAT” question.  As we shared in previous posts, it is not enough to know…it is now imperative to put knowledge into ACTION as we learn to be servant leaders in our global society.   The students are now recording videos, revising mele, writing feature articles on hurricanes, revising plan on offering kōkua, and will be crunching data in math, creating poetry to capture our emotional journey of our learning as well as preparing for sharing our ʻike with others.

Follow along in our hearfelt journey to change our one world, one heart at a time!  We are all kūkaukaʻi….interdependent!  The students will be sharing this with everyone at Kula Haʻahaʻa soon!  Get your I-nigma apps ready 🙂

Hereʻs our Ohana Alert for the Week of Sept. 11-15…Info at a glance

Mon., Sept. 11-Day 3: ʻAha “Ōpio campaigning begins…please follow ALL new guidelines set by Mr. Kudo.  A day of remembrance for the victims of 9/11.

Tues., Sept. 12-Day 4: Papa ʻElima will be welcoming a guest speaker in class today

Thurs., Sept. 14-Day 5: We go swimming today, don’t forget your towel and change of clothes.

Helpful Tips for Ohana:  * Scroll through our class blog to get “updates” of what is happening in class. *Check and sign planners daily, feel free to communicate with a note there,  call our class during non-instructional hours, or drop by for a visit after school if I can kōkua in anyway :). Have a great week…join us in sending your prayers for all that are in need….

*Updated 9/12/17:  Click on comments tab to read student manaʻo on our inquiry into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana?

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