Diving Into Valentine’s Day with the FISH!

Love in the air! Valentineʻs Day…Together! #OTOD

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! So much to do, so little time in the day…

Congrats to our 5B “FIN”alists Kerilyn and Kūhaʻo for representing our class well bright and early this morning at our Lamakū Speech Festival!  Kerilyn shared that it is our kuleana to take care of the animals in our world- to keep them safe…therefore, free animals in captivity!  Kūhaʻo shared all about pets and why everyone should have one as the health benefits surely outweigh the kuleana.

Kūhaʻo from 5BFish on Vimeo.

Kerilyn from 5BFish on Vimeo.

Talia did a fabulous job of MCing the program with just a days notice after the flu took down Leigh Ann.  Mahalo for jumping in to kōkua a teammate!


MAHALO for all the sharing, caring, and partnering & makana…the meaʻai was so ono, everyone loved it!  Enjoy your evening!

Mahalo for the makana!

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