Our Inquiry Project & Writing

Our inquiry project into Hurricanes and What is Our Kuleana has evolved into great writing now!  The haumāna have been continuing to go deeper into seeking out more information on their journey to learn how natural disasters, like hurricanes impact people.  As we agree in class, knowing is not enough…how do we put our ʻike into action!  The students are now writing feature articles to share with others in our Kula.

Hereʻs a glimpse of the 5B FISH! Hard at work during Writerʻs Workshop!  They use the writing process as a guide,  as they looked at feature articles in primary sources,  drafted, revised, conferenced with teammates, revised again, edited, and finalized their newly created feature articles.  Next up, poetry writing!/

5B FISH!-Inquiry and Writing from 5BFish on Vimeo

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