Yummy Strawberry Shortcake!

To conclude our project study on food in our kaia’ulu Aunty Isha taught us how to make strawberry shortcakes. The keiki made, or shook, their own whipped cream before assembling their miniature shortcakes. They also practiced more informational writing based on their experience.
Here’s what Trinity Ann wrote:
We made strawberry shortcake. We made whipped cream by shaking it and we got a cupcake. We peeled the wrapper then we cut the top off. Then we stuffed strawberries and cream. This is important to me because I did not know how to make it.
Shade wrote:
We are learning how to make strawberry shortcake. First you have to cut the top off, then put strawberries inside. Then get a bottle of whipped cream and put it on. Then I was done. This is interesting to me because it’s really easy to make strawberry shortcake.
Thank you Aunty Isha for a wonderful treat!

-Miss Antida

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