What we learned about FOOD

After taking a trip to Hilo Coffee Mill, charting graphs, and participating in cooking experiences, we were able to find some answers to the questions (below) we had at the beginning of our project on food.

How do you make food?
Where do people get food?
What tools do people use to make food?
How do you grow food?

We wrote what we learned as a class and wanted to share our mana’o with others through our blog. Here’s what the kindergartners said:
We made strawberry shortcakes, sushi, Stone Soup, Apple Smiles, and granola. We cut vegetables, cake, and strawberries with knives and we used nori and rice to make sushi. We also used peanut butter and apples to make Apple Smiles, as well as a crock pot and can opener for stone soup. We found out that more people shop at Walmart and KTA for food than any other store. Ke’alohilani said, “We learned how to make different foods and I enjoyed it. Michael added, “It was very yummy!”

Thank you for all your support, time, and contributions. You helped to make our project study on food very meaningful to all of us.

Miss Antida

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