We learned something new…

Ever heard of apple smiles before? Well the keiki in KA did today, thanks to Aunty Michelle (Trinity’s mom). Even Mrs. Littrell who’s been teaching for a while learned something new. Each child was given 4 apple slices, 10 marshmallows, and a dollop of peanut butter to assemble 2 smiles. When we finished eating our tasty treats, we practiced more informational writing.
Here’s what Autumn wrote:
I learned how to make apple smiles with Aunty Michelle. First we get an apple then put peanut butter. Then we put 5 marshmallows by the apple’s skin. Then we get another apple and put peanut butter and where you put the peanut butter put that side on the 5 marshmallows. This is interesting to me because we learned how to make apple smiles! And now I can teach my family to make apple smiles!
Kelson wrote:
I learned how to make apple smiles. We got an apple and we put on peanut butter. Then we put marshmallows. Then we put it together. This is important to me because I never made this before.
Mahalo, Aunty Michelle for a fun and healthy snack!
Check out their pearly whites =D

-Miss Antida

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