Are we at school or on the Food Network?

The keiki in KA were busy brewing up some Stone Soup today. Aunty Heather, Kai’s mom, read the story to the class, had the children plot their vegetables on our “Vegetables for Stone Soup” graph, helped the children cut and prepare vegetables, and taught the class how to make the soup.
While we waited for the soup to cook we wrote an informational piece about what we did:
A Time When We Made Stone Soup
We made Stone Soup today with Aunty Heather. We cut all the vegetables, put spices inside the pot, and poured in beef broth. Some of the vegetables were celery, corn, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and mushrooms. This is important to us because we learned about vegetables and a new tool called a “can opener.”
It was the perfect afternoon snack for a wet and rainy day! So ono! Mahalo to all of our families for donating the yummy veggies.

-Miss Antida

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