Huaka’i to Hilo Coffee Mill and Panaewa Zoo

At Hilo Coffee Mill we learned that the coffee flower is related to the gardenia plant. We were enticed by the aroma of the coffee while it was roasting. Yum! We even got to retrieve eggs from the “chicken condo.” Boy were there a lot of chickens! As we made our way to the zoo the children enjoyed playing Concentration. Even the chaperones played with us =).
Before going to the zoo the children were placed in groups based on one of the four animals (birds, pigs, tiger, and monkey) they chose to observe closer. After exploring the zoo and examining their chosen animal, they filled out a worksheet asking them to draw/write what they observed about what their animal eats, how their animal communicates, what their animal looks like, and where their animal lives. The children will use their notes on their animal to write an informational piece next week. Despite the rain, we still had a lot of fun!

-Miss Antida

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